Nov 24, 2013

My Winning Speech

This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!

""The prize for the best blog in the personal category goes to Chitra Nair. ""

As i hear my name being announced my heart skips a beat and i walk with my head high with pride and joy. As i reach the stage, I have been offered the mike to speak a few words and i remind them  I write well and not speak well :)
But then as there is always a first time for everything, I take on the mike and clear my throat  to find myself at a loss of words.
After few heavy breaths, I start talking

I am glad  Blog Adda chose me for this award and am extremely thankful to the entire team who thought i had it in me to make it to this list.

I have loved writing right from the age of 5. I would scribble down stories and ask my mom to read it.My parents would be my critic then. As i grew, I couldn't find time to sit and write .My sister suggested me to start a blog.The entire idea of starting a blog fascinated me and i started with a bang. One or two posts later, i lost interest and i dumped the idea totally.

This & That was born as a result of a random comment made by my friend Abhi who thought i should shut my mouth and instead put all the garbage that i keep talking onto a paper so that he is not the only one who has to suffer. That comment had a serious impact and i started penning down my thoughts. My blog is just about my thoughts and it is something that lets me pour my heart out. With hundred regular readers to my credit, this two year old baby of mine has given me numerous reasons to be proud of.

I would want to thank my critics, my close friend Sujit, my other friends who have been regular readers,my sister Priya( who is my editor),my fiancee who has been extremely supportive,my mother in law who is proud of me no matter what i write,my colleagues who think i write well.

And my parents, i can't thank them enough; they made me who i am .Ya , one thing that i need to thank them enough is for paying the electricity bills, while i endlessly blogged all night at times.My dad has been my inspiration. And my mom, my encouragement, my backbone!

Am i getting too sentimental here ? hhehe!!

For all those who couldn't make it to the list ,guys dont be disappointed, i would want to quote this ( my favourite lines):

Sitaron Se Aage Jahaan Aur Bhi Hain,
Abhi Blogging Ke Imtihan Aur Bhi Hain

Beyond the stars are even more worlds
There are still even more tests of blogging

Tu Shaaheen Hai, Parvaaz Hai Kaam Tera
Tere Saamne Aasmaan Aur Bhi Hain 

{You are a falcon, your task is to fly
Before you there are other skies as well to cover

With tears in my eyes, i kiss my trophy and walk down only to be hugged by my mom - the same way she did when i earned hundred bucks for my story writing competition .


  1. tears in mah eyes.. after reading this one... :'(

    simply beautiful... :)

    1. thankuuuuuuus :) u r the first one always to read my blog... so ur name in the list.. thanks buddy :)

  2. and the speech is ready even before you won...

    1. yes. that is the requirement of the contest :)

  3. OO wow...U won a trophy too.... Congrats Mwaahhhhh... Best Wishes..Keep Writing :)

    1. no yar... but my post gave u that idea :):) ..its just a fragment of my imagination ..what if i win

  4. knock knock, been so long since u posted :)
    (your blog lover)

    1. Hey canary.. glad to hear that..

      Am just a bit busy with my office work :(
      There is so much to share.....

      Will be writing very soon :) Thanks keep reading.. wouldnt disapoint my readers.


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