Feb 4, 2013

A Girl As My Heart Feels...

A  guest post by my close friend Shankarnarayanan Murali

A trick of the x and y chromosome …that has resulted in this beautiful creation…
A simple piece of emotion…to handle every situation !
A tactical piece of illusion that fools every guy’s expectations
A cute stretch of smile…that makes hearts to derail…
A compilation of the right things…that’s made this creation the best among everything!

If such is the case…
Then what’s exactly a gal

An apt companion in life’s path
A tactful compassion to every aftermath
A sure supporter for every action
A pure package of fashion and tradition
While superman exists in fiction…
A super women exists in reality…
A women is a blessing in disguise in any friction
A perfect blend of passion, pun and practicality !

Now what’s more in a girl…

An angel of truth and a character of addiction
A girl is a bundle of positive contradiction !
She'll take us for better; She'll take us for worse
She'll break open our head and then be our nurse !
Revengeful and merry ,at times they scream and yell
 Hates us like poison, but! Loves us like hell J

Yours Poetically
Mike Murali


  1. That's really a sweet poem on girls :) :) <3 It brought a smile on my face while reading :)

    1. Am Glad u liked it Valli :) will convey to the poet...

  2. Totally beautiful, & sensible too! Loved it! :)

  3. @GAYATRI : am so glad u liked it :) the poet is going to love ur comment too :)

  4. I loved this. Nice flow and superbly written.

    1. am glad optimistic existentialist that u loved it... thanks and keep reading.. would convey the same to the poet :):)

  5. A very nice poem beautifully composed by Murali.


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