Sep 2, 2012

Cry No More!!! PART 2

The death of her unborn child had killed something in her. Maybe it was the love that kept taking her back to Mohan. That love had died. Rather Mohan had died for her. He no longer seemed to exist for her. She felt all lonely and lost.She felt a vacuum in her engulfing her mind and body.She fainted and woke up sometime later on hearing her neighbor Smita’s voice. Her neighbor had come in to give the newspaper along with her baby. The sight of the baby made Radha weak and she broke down. She confided things in Smita. Smita was baffled by what she heard. She didn’t know what to tell Radha .She just said that she would be there in case any kind of help is needed. Days passed by Radha kept thinking about her life, her college days,the drastic turn life had taken for her,her baby ,her dreams.
Finally she decided that she wasn’t taking things lying down.She wasn’t the one who would bow down to this level of inhuman act. She could never take this fact that her baby was no more.She wanted to be free. She wanted to break all the bondages and fly high in the sky.She talked to her parents and they advised her not to take any drastc step of leaving her husband .Her parents worried about their social status and reputation in the society.They asked her to bear all her husband’s blows because they thought it was a husband’s right to hit or beat the wife the way he wants to. That day she realized even her parents are not  there for her.

She realized the ones whom she trusted of her secure well being aren’t there for her.She felt deceived. She wanted to be away from all.She didn’t care about anybody any further. She decided to split from Mohan and be independent.She wanted a DIVORCE!! She didn’t care anymore who supported her,what the society thought of her.The society never helped  her when she was kicked,when her baby died,when she wept.She no longer cared about any society. She was dead from within. She had died the day her baby died,  As usual Mohan was away on his official tour leaving Radha behind,so Radha got ample time to talk to lawyers.
When Mohan returned  back Radha had decided to talk about divorce and she knew Mohan would do every thing but wouldn’t divorce her.Who wouldn’t want a gal as dumb as an animal who silently bore all the blows and punches. But she was determined. She had decided she wouldn’t bear any more blows from Mohan. IT was over for her ,rather for them , for her baby  and herself

When Mohan returned and was lying on the bed ,Radha entered the room with a  can of kerosene ,kept it in the corner and said silently “ My child is dead. You killed my child” .Mohan lost his temper and blasted out, ”what did u say, u bitch?” He woke up and was about to rush to Radha when she doused him with  kerosene.Mohan was shocked to see what was happening.Radha  lighted a candle and went closer to his bed. She  bore no expressions on her face.Her face was blank .Her body showed marks of hits and blows. She said silently,”Mohan, I had loved u always right from  my college days till the day our baby died.I bore your blows and punches,I fought my loneliness, I bore your suspecting nature,.i bore everything. But when you k illed my child, yes Mohan MY CHILD ,since you don’t deserve to be a father., I lost all the love for you. One more step you move am going to set you on fire. Till date you mistook my silence for my weakness. I am not weak.My love for you made me weak .But my love for MY CHILD makes me stronger ,strong enough to even set you o n fire”Mohan lay numb begging for his life.Radha kept talking ,”I have had enough of you in my life.I want to be alone.i want to throw you out of my life. If you act smart your ashes would be flown down to Mumbai. You are giving me divorce. You  are going to sign these papers and accept all my terms and conditions “ Mohan hurriedly searched for a pen and without reading the contents of the papers signed them.  Radha yelled ,”Everytime you think of punching a woman you would remember me.”

Radha filed a case at the local police station with the help of Smita against Mohan .Accusations were levelled against him of domestic violence and murder.  Radha also submitted their divorce papers at the local court. Radha wanted to get justice for her baby ,  for herself ,for the every punch and blow she had received.The case went on for two years .Radha had started her life right from scratch and now leaded a team of thirty in a reputed IT company.She had built up her own life right from scratches .She had been a winner.She was waiting for the verdict of the court. Finally the verdict was out.Mohan was found guilty of all the accusations leveled against him. And was sentenced to imprisonment.She had emerged a winner.

  Radha had won the court case and seemed ecstatic. That was the least she could do, get justice for an innocent soul. Radha walked out of the courtoom all happy  and    came face to face with Mohan while hes being whisked away by the cops after a span of two years. Radha walked up to him, faced him bravely for the one last time and SMACK!! Came a resounding Slap

But this time it wasn’t Mohan!!.......

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