Sep 9, 2012


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Coming back late from the office and making the biggest mistake of telling mom not to cook for me the previous day I was in a soup . I am a hardcore foodie and I love eating all the time. I love to hog on yummy food that I can cook up in minutes.When I reached home all that was left for me was two chapattis, one raw egg . And I wondered what to do with it sigh!!
Finally my hunger pangs made me cook up this innovative dish- spicy ,yummy,juicy and saucy EGG O ROLL. 


I wish I could take the pics but I was so damn hungry that I could no longer think of taking pics, and so late that no one would have bothered to waste time for me..!! Any ways I am sure this Is something you would love to hog on.

1 onion (chopped)
1 tomato(chopped)
2-3 chillies(as per your taste)
1tbsp  chilli powder
1tbsp  turmeric powder
1 egg( how can I forget my savior)
2 left over chapattis or rather freshly baked ones

Del Monte Tomato Chilli Sauce (*that sets your tongue on fire*)

Salt to taste
Mustard Seeds
1tbsp oil
Steps to Beat Those Deadly  Hunger Pangs
Take a kadai  or a cooking bowl and put one 1 tbsp of cooking oil. When the oil gets heated add a spoon of mustard seeds. When they splutter add half of the total chopped onions and saute till they golden brown .OK now let me share a secret tip with you guys.. if you are hungry like hell and you cant wait for the onions to take its own sweet time to turn golden brown ,add a pinch of salt fastens the process J.
Once the onions turn brown, add chillies and chopped tomatoes, sauté them till the tomatoes become soft.Add chilly powder and turmeric powder and sauté them . Let the onions and tomatoes absorb the masala and then when you think its done, break one egg into this mixture and scramble it.. keep on mixing till the egg gets cooked and is mixed well with all the masalas. Keep stirring for 2 -4 minutes. Once its done  take it off from the burning stove.
 If its fresh roti, u can reheat it on low flame on the pan, till it becomes  slightly crispy. If you like it soft ,you can use the roti in the same way.  Take the hot chilly tomato sauce and spread it on the roti, spread the egg mixture on the roti, garnish it with raw chopped onions(you can use coriander leaves too if you wish)and add half a spoon again on the mixture  on it. Now roll it up. Do the same for the second roti and gobble up.Nothing can be more tempting than this juicy roll.
If you want to make it a bit more spicy, you can add coriander chutney on the chapatti base over the tomato sauce spread.
You can also use chunks of cooked chicken to replace egg.

For coriander chutney :
1 cup Grated coconut
5 Chillies
1 cup Coriander
Add water to the mixture above and grind well. The chutney should be semisolid. Add water to suitably.

For Vegetarians:
You can replace the inner filling with left over aalu(potato)- gobi (cauliflower)sabzi or aalu sabzi

Serves : 1 hungry hog
Sorry couldn’t upload the pics.I was too hungry to do that ..As I have mentioned.

Try this out and you would shower me with all the blessings J

Simple and Saucy!!


  1. Sounds delicious... the pics would have lured me even more ! but I think I will try it next time my veggie mom is out of sttaion !:D

    1. thanku hitchwriter,try it out it is yummy!!!!


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