Sep 2, 2012

Cry No More!!

Like every morning  Radha stood watering her roses in her garden. Her roses which she had planted with love and care. The roses were everything to her. The roses had become a part and parcel of her life .They had become an important of her life right from the day she had stepped into her marital home. They filled up the void in her life which her marriage to Mohan had created. She was busy watering the flowers and suddenly she heard Mohan calling her. She hurried, the pail fell down spilling the water .As soon as she entered the room Mohan blasted,   ”Who had come here in my absence?” Radha trembled and mumbled few words when SMACK!! Came a sound. Mohan had slapped her hard.

    Their story goes back to their engineering days. Mohan and Radha had met during their engineering days in Mumbai.They both were classmates and were brilliant in their own fields. Like every teenager Radha too had dreamt of making it big in the IT industry. Mohan was obsessed with her beauty and wanted to have her as his wife. After getting placed , he had asked consent from Radha’ s parents for their marriage and this is what had impressed Radha. Radha being a homely girl had loved the way Mohan had approached and she herself had also secretively loved the young dashing Class leader Mohan. Being the typical shy girl Radha never opened up her feelings. Like every teenager Radha too had her own notions about her dream guy. She too had ideas about how her future husband and lover would be. And now she knew nothing about Mohan except for the fact that he was going to be her future husband.

      They got married in a grand way and Mohan was placed with the Biggest IT firm in Bangalore and    earned a decent amount .He never wanted his wife to work .He wanted Radha to look after his household and child if they had any. Radha loved Mohan much more than any wife would love her husband and she had decided to quit her job as per Mohan's wishes. They moved to Bangalore immediately after marriage .She had taken an instant liking for the lilies in her new garden. Day by day Mohan had no time for her. She was restricted to the four walls of the house.She wasn’t allowed to interact with anyone .No newspaper guy,no milkman ever allowed to enter the bungalow premises. She led a lonely life. She thought all this was a part of Mohan’s love.One day the door bell rang, Radha ran to open the door thinking it would be Mohan who was back after a 5day office  trip to Thailand. She opened the door and found a man in his thirties.
He had come looking out for someone in the vicinity and was asking for  the correct address. He handed over a slip to Radha. The moment Radha took the slip, she heard  Mohan yell ,”Radha, what is this?”.He  yelled ,screamed and kicked the guy out of the house. He shut the door behind them  and slapped Radha hard.
“You whore!! This is what you do in my absence? This is what you do the whole day when I slog?”Radha tried to mumble in fear,”You are getting me wrong” This angered Mohan further and he kicked her ,slapped her ,pulled her hair. Radha was numb out of fear and didn’t know how to react.Her body no longer supported her to run out, nor did her voice helped her scream. She fell unconscious. She had never seen  this side of Mohan. Later on she woke up to the door bell ringing.,only to reallise it was late night and it was Mohan who had come after a late night party. She was in disbelief, she sobbed profusely whole night. No help came forward. Next morning as usual Radha got up early in the morning cooked for Mohan. Mohan seemed to be unapologetic for his behavior..And he never changed. He Thrashed Radha everytim,e she made a mistake in his terminology. Her mistakes would include  not getting things ready for him at sharp 7.Even 7.01 would end up Radha being thrashed, her talking to neighbours or her own parents and male relatives would end up in a weekful of thrashes.After all this domestic violence Radha always hoped Mohan would change.She would wonder at times why Mohan had married her...Was she just an object of sexual pleasure.She had always tried asking him these questions but the answers would be only in terms of fists and blows.

IT was two years of their marriage by now and  Radha had realized she was carrying their first child. She was ecstatic about it and wanted to tell Mohan about it.But she refrained from doing it because she was wary of his wrath and anger. She was happy that  she bore their symbol of love.She was happy things were going to change.She had thought she would tell him once he returned from his  Dubai official trip.
She thought the kid would change their lives for ever.  She waited for Mohan to come anxiously wondering what would be his reaction. Mohan had come early before the expected time and the door was locked when he returned.Radha had gone for her daily temple visit and on reaching home found Mohan fuming .Before she could tell her where she had been Mohan pulled her by hair and dropped her on the floor and kicked her wherever he could. The pooja thali fell on the floor and the floor was a silent spectator to the violence bearing marks of it.She yelled when he kicked her on the stomach,she cried out  that she was pregnant.She hoped the kicks and blows would end.But  that made Mohan even more angry and kicked her even more.He kept yelling,”Whose child is this ? It cant be mine you whore”  he banged the door and left the house in a fit of anger. She was there on the floor writhing in pain. When  she woke up an hour later she had an unbearable pain in her stomach. She had no one to ask out for help. She dragged her feet and some how reached the  hospital .The doctors declared that she had a miscarriage and the baby was gone. She wept  , her world seemed to doom ..She realized her life would no longer be the same. She wanted to be away .She wanted to run away..But she wasn’t a quitter.She had lost everything but still something in her wanted her to fight back.

Read on Part two...



  1. brilliant writing!! loved the story so far...let me go on to part 2!! :)

  2. good suspense created. waiting for the rest


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