Sep 18, 2012


 This is an official entry for the Melbourne Contest at Indiblogger.

Okhay!!! I am a software engineer leading a pretty boring life.( ok ! stop before you yawn your lungs out!!There is more to come) my schedule for five days a week Home-> office -> Home. Isn’t it pretty interesting ?  Software Engineers lead a pretty boring life. Not all but yeah the most of them. At leastam one of the clan who lead a pretty monotonous life. Saturdays and Sundays are spent in mending the torn body.  The idea of travelling for me is to pick up the bag ,my cellphone and just get set and go! No asking no waiting .That is something I have always wanted .But then here in India that has never been possible.Evenif  I think of leaving without telling everyone ,right from the local flower vendor to the unknown people in the train would ask in the local languages as to where I am going. I know answering them isn’t important but Trust me !!you just cant move an inch without answering the question , “kaha utarnahai”( where do you want to get down ?)Yeah don’t be shocked.This happens and its very mucha part of the Indian culture now.

What does an engineer dream of? An onsite opportunity!! That’s it..Food ,clothing and shelter aren’t their basic needs.Their basic need is going to the client site to some foreign location and slog for the client. Your merits would be calculated purely based on the number of onsite trips that you have made.If you haven’t been lucky to have a  vacation at the client’s expense  then you are “A engineer” . If you are someone who frequently are on a tour you become “THE engineer” Apart from this our lives are only worth a yawn.The journey begins with you pressing your boss for raising the visa .At times the frustration is so high , that you wouldn’t mind being exported to Somalia and being with the pirates.( I know you would agree with  me that your boss is no less than a pirate,robbing us of our sleep… and Somalia,abroad it is … its definitely outside India) :P My struggle for the same is also going on and definitely I wouldn’t agree for Somalia :p
When Indiblogger announced the  contest I knew its my time to visit Melbourne. When discussed with my friends , they were like Melbourne it is… it  is your time to visit Melbourne now.
Born to conservative mom and a cool dad life has been a mix of freedom as well as living within the boundaries. By freedom you can go alone to the nearby shop , wow you get a chance to go all alone to the flower vendor and by moments of  boundaries I mean , Juhu beach  is no less dangerous  than the terror Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan. Yeah!! My mom is a panicky 50 somewhat lady who is always worried about her daughter, she has a notion that if there is anything else that the Taliban can eye on other than America, it’s her daughter sigh!! The whole point is  I have been deprived of a break , a much needed getaway where I can live the way I want.
Ok so when I am given the opportunity  to design a holiday for me- trust me this is one of the best things that has happened to me .

Ok so here goes my wish list . I have always wanted my mornings to be special..Being a terrible scorer in Geography  this contest should have been tough, but then when its about holidaying... i am too good at it ;)
 Melbourne:Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, is set around the shores of Victoria's Port Phillip Bay and boasts a lively and luxurious way of living with boutiques showcasing both national as well as international brands, cafes and bars, gardens and festivals, sporting events and display of the rich culture.This is one city which is a one time visit before you die!!

My Mornings at Melbourne.
Scuba Diving
I dream of my mornings where the sun rises proudly and spreads its light into my room onto my face.Though nothing can wake me up .But the fact that sun rises into my room always makes me feel good.So i wish to wake up in the Portsea Millionaire Mansions , welcome the rising sun and start my day scuba diving in the warm appealing sea in front of these mansions. 
 Hot Air Ballooning:
 After a quick dip i would love to enjoy the thrilling hot air ballooning over melbourne and see the city's beautiful landscape.This is one thing i seriously want to do just to prove all my silly friends that i am as light as a balloon ( ignore my bulky figure):P
Okay !! i know you waiting for the breakfast part but hey ! food is the most important thing and i am going to reserve a special place for the same.

Werribee Open Range Zoo:

Once am done with the hot air ballooning stuff , i would like to go for a wildlife safari Werribee Open Range Zoo,  a Zoo which boasts of about  amazing array of animals living on 225 hectares of wide, open savannah( in their own words). a quick 30 minute ride from the melbourne city. And WOW !! this is an experiece that i am eagerly looking out for. In India we donot care for our wildlife and by the time my kids come into this world i think the only animals that would be alive are WE the selfish humans..So i wouldnt want to miss out on this wonderful experience.Being an intense animal lover this is something i dont want to miss.

Afternoons : Assuming 5 as  the number of days i get to stay in at melbourne, i take the privilege of  roaming around the city and exploring its rich architecture and heritage.
I would start the journey with 
Melbourne Museum:Winner of the topmost tourist attractions this place is actually worth it.Its an epitome of the rich culture and heritage that Melbourne,Australia boasts about,.
On display here : Aboriginal culture
                          skeletons of extinct animals
                          Close look at bugs
                          Wander through a living forest
                          Games, toys ,locally created handcrafts and what not.. 

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre : Whats a better way to spend lazy afternoons after a sumptuous  lunch.. Go Shopping!! And when it comes to shopping i go CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZYYYY like any other chick in the world.That is something common among gals no matter from where you are .And here i go shopping
On Sale here : Fashion
                     Jewellery ( Purposely in Bold.. Loot your partner here!)
                      Food (Wait dearies !!this section is about to be grand)

Old Melbourne Gaol Crime & Justice Experience :  A spooky visit to this place would give you a deep insight to the crime of past present and future of crime and justice in Australia (as quotes rightly) Reason to be Here : If you have that bad gal or boy thing in you ;)

Parliament HouseTour into the lavish interiors of the Parliament House.Reason to be here:  Not the history, but if you love interior decoration as a hobby!! who wants to follow history :P

 The Travellers : This is an epitome of the fact that melbourne is all about travelling,its travellers and their contribution to the same. Reason to be here:Coz it symbolises you.

After such travelling all that i would want to is have a massage that soothes my body at  Piaf Day Spa Yarra Valley.
  Evenings And Nights : My Evenings are reserved for music and performing Arts and  The beaches the city boasts of.
ok i was slim then

Being a dancer myself i would love to explore the city brimming with their wonderful arts ,music and dance.So the trip to Jazz Clubs, dance clubs like Seven.  Something that i wouldnt want to miss is Australian Ballet  and want to know how different it is from the Bharatnatyam or Kuchipudi ballet that we Indians know of. If you sing well,listen to quality music or always have your earphones plugged in to listen to music( and if you don't do that for avoiding someone on purpose) then Melbourne Recital Centre is the place for you.It attracts world class talents and provides a platform to perform..Dont be surprised if you see me on the TV very soon ;)


The beaches of  Melbourne are appealing and the water is clean unlike the beaches of Mumbai.Who wouldn't want to dip or rather sink in the clean waters of Melbourne. If i am destined to die drowning in a water body,GOD !! here it be !! I wouldn't complain , i wouldn't ask for a rebirth.Trust ME let it be here !!

offers a combo pack of the picturesque landscape as well as the wonderful waterbody.
12 Apostles : Witness the rugged splendour of the famous 12 Apostles, magnificent rock stacks that rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline. -  As  says !!!  Would you want to give it a miss!!??
Go Canoeing, kayaking & rafting : For people who love adventure this is something you must not miss out,.. And when its free am not going to miss out on any thing :P If you have that adventure streak in you rush to Murray Gates section of the Upper Murray near Corryong and tackle all the hurdles for a smooth adventurous ride in the waters of Melbourne

Now cometh the FOOD!!! Dining Wining BALLE BALLE!!!
Cuisine :

Wake up to the aroma of the Coffee. As it is said A cup of Coffee isnt my cup of tea,nothing can replace a frothy coffee the smell of which tingles your senses. A coffee at Cup of Truth will leave you asking for more! I wouldnt stop at one for sure

Break fast : breakfast is usually egg based, but may also include sausage, bacon, breakfast steaks, mushrooms, tomato, hash browns and pancakes.Eat like a king at one of the many Bed and Breakfast centres here.I am sure you will ask for more !Want to hog it all

Dine and Wine:
Want to Have a taste of Meat- either steak, sausages, paddies or chops. vegetables and mashed spud, with salt pepper and tomato sauce as condiments,Lean sirloin steak.,Chicken.,Grilled Aussie BBQ sausages.,    Steamed rice with mixed vegetables.,    Local fresh cooked prawns etc as a part of Australian dinner.Wine and Dine at one of the Best Restaurants that Melbourne boasts of. Would love to end the dinner by Sipping the best Red wines of Melbourne At De Bortoli Winery and Restaurant.

I would love to hit the sack at  Woodlands Rainforest Retreat after having such a busy but a wonderful holiday.

 Want to see how my holidays are going to be??Check this out!!!

                                              (Dont Be Jealous!!:P)


 PS: Please note the places that i have selected may be far from each other.But then i have chosen it because that makes it my dream holiday.

Thank you for helping me plan such a wonderful holiday!!


  1. hey, i happened to visit ur blog when i searched my own name in indiblogger, and i got to read this intersting article written for the contest. Though i less take part in indi blogger contests i do wish ki u win for this article in the contest.
    There is one more similarity in both of us (rather our blogs)..GUESS WHAT???!!!
    visit and say me ok..
    world is small, coincidences do happen !
    love, chitra.

  2. It was lovely ready your blog after a long time...I am gonna stay here for a little for while now....Happy writing sweetheart...god bless...


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