Sep 9, 2012

Corn – E – Salsa

This is an official entry for the Del Monte Blogger Recipe Carnival Contest  on Indiblogger.

I am not an expert cook. But the little that I know I am an expert in it JSo thought of sharing some wonderful quickest recipes with you.
This is the quickest snack that you can ever make. Its nutritious , mouthwatering and Chatpata (as it Is said in Mumbaiyah language) It takes minutes to make it and seconds to gobble it down .
1 can of Del Monte Corn
1 Tomato chopped
1 Onion chopped
1-2 chillies chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice
1  cup thick sev( see the picture for Sev)

1 pinch Chat Masala ( Ask for it at any Indian store)
1 pinch Salt as per taste.

Quick Steps : 
1)        Boil the DelMonte corn. 
2)       Add chopped tomatoes,onions,chillies and boiled corn in a mixing bowl And mix all of them properly 
3)       Add a pinch of Salt and chat masala  to it 
4)      Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice for that tangy taste 
5)      Add  the sev to it now and serve it
Serves  two  if you would be ready to share it with anyone.         It’s that yummy!!
Best option for evening snack. You can also add tamarind sauce to  make it more tangier .Its yummy and healthy.
Must  have for evening snacks.
Try it out.
I haven’t made it recently so no pics to share. I am sharing three recipes for the contest.Cant expect to make all three and post the pics here L
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