Jun 23, 2013

The Reli-able(-ance) Digital Experience

 This post is for Reliance Digital in conjuction with Indiblogger

I was waiting eagerly for 22nd June and 23rd June so that i could visit the Mulund Reliance digital store and grab the goodie bag . Had set in several reminders on my mobile phones just to ensure that i didnt miss out on this much anticipated visit.And the day finally arrived.
I stay in dombivli and had to come all the way to Mulund to visit the Reliance Digital Store at around 11am. Thanks to the Rain God it didnt shower much and i could safely accomplish the mission of reaching the destination - RELIANCE DIGITAL STORE
Unlike many of my other blogger friends who were greeted by several managers unaware of this initiative  at different stores accross Mumbai, the experience at the Mulund Store was quite a different one.  When i reached there, we had Mr.Kapil - The store manager for all the North Maharashtra regions waiting eagerly for us and taking us on a tour around the shop. Reliance has their main motto - "Grahak Devo Bhav" and i actually could experience it the way they dealt with us inspite of knowing the fact that we arent going to buy any stuff from their store. The way Mr. Kapil answered all the questions  put up by fellow bloggers was commendable . We later had Ms. Swati Veeramani joining Mr.Kapil to take us around the store.

 I have managed to capture several pictures of the store .. And as it is said
" Pictures speak louder than words " it will definitely speak louder than words.
Reliance digital store - Mulund is a sprawling large showroom which houses all the appliances under one roof , name an appliance and you would find it there. We have different sections for televisions, LED Tvs , Home Theater System,  Home appliances, Personal Grooming Appliances etc etc.Mr.Kapil took us through all these sections explaining each and every stuff with lots of patience.


                        Mr.Kapil In Action - explaining various sections of the store .

 As you can see in the picture it says - Choose the right TV. How do we come to know what is the right TV... We all love watching shows, movies on the BIG screen  or atleast have the same experience that we have viewing a cinema on the big screen.. but do we actually need such big screens at our place? To answer this question, Reliance Digital has made special facility or rather special markings on the floor at several distances from the TV which actually makes us understand what kind of a TV would be required in our 1BHK flat and what would be the experience of keeping the TV at particular distances.We can actually take the experience and  then go for buying the TV. That is why it is a Reliable Store  for buying out electronic goods

                                                        Markings on the floor

I  actually stood by each of the markings and visualised the difference and i now know how big the screen should be for my house. Go Try  IT!!
Apart from TV's we have an amazing collection of MP3 players, Laptops, Desktops , Speakers, Cameras , Phone accessories all at pocket friendly prices. Though i couldnt capture all of the appliances in the pics, i did manage to frame a few of them of the many appliances placed in the store.


The best part of the store is the Home Theater Engagement Zone where in a home theatre system - Reliance's own baby  is placed . You guys can go,sit relax on the couch, experience the wonderful sound effect of the system .  The TV in the home theater system is powered by Harman Kardon - leading producers of Sound Systems as a result of which the sound quality produced is commendable. I felt so comfy on the couch  that i felt like buying the entire system and rushing back home.That is the feeling that you get in the store- friendly store managers, at home feeling and appliances worth buying.

Home theater system - yeah All thanks to my terrible photography :P

Another section that i loved the most is the personal grooming section  where in a range of hair dryers and hair straighteners were placed. That section is my personal favourite because  i am not a techno freak and the only time technology allures me is when it has got something to do with beauty and grooming and listening to music .


After seeing all the appliances which i know, you guys may feel would create a hole in the pocket.. Chillax!! We have a special ResQ(Rescue) plan which will help you breathe easy. Reliance has indeed proved that our happiness is their mission ( as in the pic) by bringing up this rescue plan.

Rescue Plan or rather ResQ

When one of the bloggers put up the question, how does Reliance deal with Customer Complaints. Mr.Kapil answered the question with ease  ,that they have a CRM department - ResQ centre(please find the pic below) which handles all the customer complaints and deals with them . Also Reliance has been planning for Customer Care centres which is already in the pipeline which would be dedicatedly dealing with customer queries and services. He says that would be something to watch out for because that would make them the most efficient service providers. And as Mr.Kapil says, Reliance aims to be most efficient service providers and the most customer friendly service rendering store.

CRM Department

Another USP of the store is the store has  a MPOS(mobile point of sale ) which was demonstrated by Ms.Swati Veeramani.MPOS is an iphone enabled with a software developed by  Infosys for Reliance which helps all the transactions, right from acting as a barcode scanner to  swiping the card for payment in  a single go!! This helps the customer to finish off their payment transactions in a second and can avoid waiting in long queues.

There is a dedicated kiosk handling the billing  transactions too for people who can purchase a product  and see how the product functions and then pay for the same. This  enables the customer to be sure of the working of the product they have chosen and buy it without any worries. Reliance also provides Gift cards to all those who want to gift these gadgets to their near and dear ones but donot want to carry those heavy appliances on their own.These gift cards act as prepaid cards,where in we fill in the amount we want to and gift it to our close ones who can then buy the appliance of their choice.

Billing Team At Work

 There is an other department that helps you with all your financial queries, all your EMI problems and concerns and helps you have your dream gadgets. Now having dream gadgets isnt a distant dream . Reliance is striving to make your dream come true.
After a complete tour around the showroom, we were informed our goodie bags would be couriered to our address. But who cares!! the entire experience was a breathtaking informative and cutomer friendly one. I have been to other stores like Vijay sales , Chroma but have never experienced this kind of customer service and hospitality.Five reasons why Reliance Digital wins a thumbs up and is a Reliable brand :

  • Customer Friendly.Efficient CRM department.MPOS saves the amount of time spent in billing
  •  We can  see the functioning of our appliance be it microwave or be it any other appliance before we buy it
  •  Efficient Service Providers
  • Discounts on Several Products
  • Affordable EMI plans

Next time you plan to buy Electronic Goods, rush in to the nearest Reliance Digital Store and have a WOW experience . And you guys thought money can't buy happiness... ?? Rush in to Reliance Digital -A Store That Sells happiness to have your share of bliss and happiness :)

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