Jun 9, 2013

Carefree Rainy Days

The rains have hit the city and there is a lot of relief from the terrible heat we had to bear during this summer. Monsoon always brings in a lot of memories with it.All i can think of eduring rainy season is my school days where in our schools would reopen after a long summer vacation and I would loathe going back to school again. Shopping for rainy season always began well in advance. New rainy shoes, new raincoats..monsoon was fun then apart from the school factor.

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Monsoon then was fun when i was a kid..No one would reprimand me for jumping into a puddle of water, no would scold me if i splashed water all around, making water boats and if they sailed around in the puddle of water meant a big deal then. I could run out of my house and be drenched in rain water and no one would bother to stop me. I wouldnt have to worry about my cellphones or tablets being drenched in water. All i would have had to worry about my bag of books and notes written with inkpen. Monsoons then meant having hot bhajjis and tea .Now i have to bother about the extra calories that would come with the bhajjis.Life then seemed to be cool and calm , no rushing in. My school was near to my home and I had no worries about traffic jams or trains .
I miss those carefree days. I still feel like running out of my cubicle in office and getting drenched. I feel like forgetting everything for a moment and enjoy the drops of water falling all over me. I want to forget my pains, pleasures and submit myself to the power of nature. I wonder what my boss would think about this (running out of my cubicle and getting back drenched) but then i want those carefree days back again. I want to jump in puddles of water and laugh out loud with my friends not worrying about what others would think. I know people would say you can do it even now..yeah right !! i can jump in a puddle full of water and splash water on someone when am 26 !! Has there been a single day where we consciously decide to part ways with our cellphones and laptops and just have some ME- time for ourselves.Best way to enjoy the rains is sit by the window side, see the raindrops pouring down the window pane, play soft music , have a cup of coffee and be lost in one's thoughts. Nothing is more de stressing than enjoying the rain.Next time you see the rains pouring down heavily just step out and let it fall on your face.. the feeling is simply awesome!!
Everytime people crib about rains, its these following lines by W.H Davies that comes to my mind :
 WHAT is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?—

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