Jun 23, 2013

Come On, Inner Peace. I Don't Have All Day.- Book Review!

The moment Sachin's mail notification popped up i was more than happy , And the fact that i had been asked to review the book made me even more crazy. I was looking out for a book which had all the elements of love, craziness etc and was worth spending time too and luckily this book Come on, Inner peace. I don't have all day was an all in one package.

Life is full of ups and downs and hustle and bustle. There would be hardly anyone who has not been through a period of trials and tribulations atleast once in life.And when one is going through such a period, people seek some kind of divine intervention to seek mental peace.

This book is a story of Samar who has lost his girlfriend Kanika whom he loved madly and he thinks he has been responsible for her death.Because of the guilt he ends up losing his mental peace and the desire to live life. Seeing his pitiful condition , his best friend Saloni sends him to an ashram in Rishikesh to bring him back to life. Samar finds himself going to the ashram and one incident after the other keeps happening in his life. In the ashram he ends up meeting Guruji, who  understands Samar's problem and decides to chalk out a way to get the old Samar back.On his way to Rishikesh, Samar ends up meeting Vandana in the bus and later realises she too is a follower of the Guruji in the Ashram.Two different people with totally different backgrounds and stories of life , Vandana and Samar both set out on a journey to find mental peace on Guruji's advice.Both have different destinations but have been asked to walk on the same route to unearth their mental solace.

Would Samar ever be able to come out of the guilt of Kanika's death? What is Vandana's. story? What brings this 40 year old lady to the Ashram? Would Samar and Vandana ever find their mental solace? Read on this gripping tale to find out..

This book kept me hooked till the last page and it was really interesting to read the way Vandana and Samar chalk out to find their much needed answers to the questions life had put in front of them.This book has all the elements- love, emotions, relationships, divine intervention, spirituality to make it the best seller.. 

One thing i think could have been better is the title of the book.... I think something more creative could have been put up. Rest it is a fun book to read!!

Rating - 3.5/5... Grab a copy of the book and make your boring 2 hour bus/train travel to office an awesome one ....

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