Jun 16, 2013

Shoes Of The Dead -Book Review !!!

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This book written by senior journalist Neelima Kota throws light on the pitiful condition of the farmers and the hassles they face. It is an exact reflection of the plight of the farmers in our country , in the Vidarbha belt. Its a serious no nonsense book which unearth the ground realities of the farmers in our country.

The story is about a farmer Sudhakar Bhadra , who commits suicide due to consistent crop failures and the increasing burden of debt on his family. Sudhakar is just one of the many farmers in Mityala who have committed suicide due to increasing debt. The government forms a committee to investigate the alarming increase in the number of suicide cases .The committee dismisses the deaths as debt related deaths and deprives the widows of the compensation they have the right to.

Gangiri, Sudhakar's brother who works in the city is highly affected by his brother's death and decides to bring justice to the death of his brother and many other such farmers by  influencing the Committee to validate the similar deaths of farmers .Gangiri decides to fight for the farmers and sees to it their widows get the compensation .At the same time first time MP Keyur Kashinath of the Democratic party, son of the Party's General Secretary Vaishnav Kashinath is worried about the increasing suicide deaths in his territory .Keyur is considered to be the heir of Vaishnav Kashinath's power in politics. Keyur was considered to be in politics because of his influential dad and this fact was what exactly Keyur wanted to prove wrong. The first time MP faces challenge to his seat in politics when the number of certified deaths by the committee increases. Keyur is under a threat as he realises that the increasing number of deaths will tarnish his image as a politician.
 The story throws light on the struggle of the farmers against the committee set up which declare debt related death as ailment related deaths.  The book is a battle between Gangiri who life's mission is now to bring in justice to families of farmers and Keyur Kashinath who is on a  race to save the party's image . Who wins the battle? Will Gangiri ever get justice ? Will the deaths of such farmers  be ignored and justice denied? Will Keyur Kashinath be able to save his party's image?  Read on to find the answers.. A very insightful and a gripping book .. A must read...

I loved the book cover. The book cover gives the feel of the story inside. The 
barren land shown on the book cover is a grim reality that our farmers are facing with no support and co-operation from the ruling parties.  The other best part is the writer has kept the underlying tone of the book serious , and haven't tried to incorporate a love angle to the story. Its a book for people who have an appetite for political fiction novels

A good book to read but still I believe the book could have been priced somewhere between 100- 200 bucks.

Rating: ***/5

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