Dec 29, 2012


A struggle came to an end.A struggle to live life the normal way has met a tragic end.You call her Nirbhaya- The  Fearless, you call her Amanat- The Treasure or you call her any other pseudo names; the fate and the future of the woman in Indian society continues to be in the dark.
We never knew her , we never heard about her.She was just an ordinary medical student who could have been  one of the wonderful team of doctors who operated her some day.She showed exemplary courage ,her death only brought the truth out that there is no one out to protect you there. You are all alone in this world and you have to fight it out single handedly.

I have never prayed this hard for anyone to stay alive but for her.I didnt want a mere human being (or do i call them monsters)to seal the fate of  a fearless lady whose only fault was to venture out in her own city which she once upon a time called her home. She wasn't safe in her own home.
My sympathies  are with her parents  because they lost a gem  who had the courage to fight out 6 men even without any of her folks belonging to any political party or any prestigous department.
I wonder when a girl like her can display this kind of courage to fight it out alone why can't our politicians and the police department.
You have left us but then you have showed us the true state of our country and  politicians.
Hats off to you!!
Personally i have learnt the value of life from her everytime when the news flashed her  statement that she wanted to live and she begged the doctors to save her life.
 It's now our responsibility to seal the future of the 6 monsters and many others like them and send them to hell.
RIP Nirbhaya!

I have also realised we are the silent killers of many such Nirbhayas being exploited every second by keeping mum about the entire incident happening out in the vicinity. Raise Voice To Save Many Such Nirbhayas!!

Current News Flash: Security tightened near India Gate.
When so much of security can be provided to save one's own ass , why not provide some for the betterment of the ladies of their own city?

Hundred questions rocking my mind, no one to answer them, cant express them on social networking sites for the fear of being arrested,mobbed,lynched .Agitated!!Frustrated and the  leaders of my country asking me to keep calm!!!



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