Dec 22, 2012

Rape Of The Indian Society

We have stopped partying late nights. We have stopped wearing"skimpy" clothes. We have stopped asking our dads to help us when we are being eve teased , because we may end up losing him to some goons. We have stopped gong  to a police station asking for help for the fear of getting raped. We have stopped  calling our brothers for help for the fear of him getting stabbed. We have stopped travelling alone in Mumbai locals. We have stopped travelling in buses alone. We have  stopped working  late nights. We have stopped!! Our Life has Stopped!!. One thing that we haven't stopped doing is Breathing. Will stopping that prevent rapes.? There was a time when people were wary of having a gal child in the family for whatever bullshit reason. But  today i wish to say , you(the dumb and deaf society) don't deserve to have gals. You are spineless and you don't deserve to have gals around you
What can that society be called which cannot protect their own mothers and sisters..?

My  Weekends are usually carefree but then this weekend  I am restless.I am restless because it could have been me ,it could have been you that night in the bus where 6 monsters preyed upon an innocent medical student. I too travel by my company bus and everyday my mom calls me up asking whether i have reached office.I always used to laugh off saying where would i reach if not office, would i be going on a long drive with the driver? Now i realise why that concern...The medical student was out at around 9pm. 9pm ...hmm is it that late...? That  is the time when most of the working crowd in Mumbai returns back home or are atleast on the way. I go out for movies with my friends and reach by 9.Does that  give you a license to rape me?.Does that make me easily available.?For all the dimwits who say wearing skimpy clothes are a reason why the number of rapes have increased, let me tell you i wear complete clothing, top to bottom everything is covered.You want my feet to be covered because you are not provoked to rape; let me tell you i wear socks. Still when i travel to Kurla,Thane and use the overbridges,there is not a single day when i dont end up being pushed,touched at inapppropriate places and being felt.Now Do you want my fingers to be covered too ?
Wearing skimpy clothes provoke you right? It raises the level of your raging hormones to a new height and so you end up doing the heinous crime right? How casually you put up  this statement and try to hide your cowardice.The men in our society wear shorts, easily removable lungis(they can be stripped off more easily than a saree...right?) Why dont we feel the urge to rape you guys out there? Why dont we pinch your butts, touch you inappropriately??We are being oppressed,tortured ,raped...Now Enough is Enough!!Don't torture us to the extent that we come down on the streets and strip you off. Trust me if we come down on the streets you wouldn't even find a place to hide. Everytime a gal is raped ,you think the gal has lost a lot. I believe everytime a gal is raped ,the society is raped ; the men are raped. Everytime a gal is raped ,its proved that the society doesn't have men to stand up for their women.They lack the so called mardangi.The mardangi  that the Indian men proudly boast about.It just says that the men in the society are impotent.

The problem is with the thought, it isnt the clothes. You think its because of the clothes women are raped? You think its because of the item songs the women are raped , then let me tell you the state of the society is so because your brain lies between your legs.

Disturbed and distraught that is how I would describe myself at the moment. I want the ladies to follow a few tips while commuting daily.Dont go for the mirchi powder thing, the prices for the same have soared so high(thanks to the inflation) that people would think twice to throw it on some lecherous monsters.

1)Carry an umbrella in your hand.Be it rains, sunny or any damn climate carry an umbrella.The moment someone touches you, hit hard with it. Hit the person wherever you can.
2)People who pinch butts of ladies in crowded buses where it is difficult to identify who did the same.Stamp hard on the person standing behind you.Its quie obvious the absconder is some where behind you and if you can't move around definitely he cant too.And its been observed the absconders wait for the reaction at times. Stamp your foot down heavily without feeling guilty.Every person standing behind you is responsible for any act of molestation happening in front of them and if they are mute spectators either they are game to it or they are ok with such things happening.
3)Never leave your daughters with any person.bNo uncles no brothers nothing.There is no relation.There are no relatives.If there would have been such true relatives around ,every daughter would have been safe.
4)Don't be silent .If you are a witness to something like molestation, rape etc open up. Fight against it .Don't keep mum .Every time you keep mum you are encouraging the offenders.
5) Carry pepper sprays and don't be hesitant to use it. The offenders anyways don't deserve to see beautiful gals.
6)Kick in between the legs .That is where their brain lies. Two three kicks and the brain stops functioning.
7)If you see someone else being molested, raise voice. Shout for help.
8)Be Alert. Dont ask for lifts from unknown people. They better be unknown.
9) Store numbers on speed dial.Not of the police but your parents, and friends who would rush in for help. I have lost trust in the police anyways.They are the same police e who questioned my friend who went to register about her lost mobile early at 5am as to what she was doing early in the morning rather than being interested in where the cell was lost.
10)Treat every  victim with respect.Its not their fault they were raped.It could have been you either.Give it a thought !!!
Tie up your lungis,pants,shorts tight!! Your mardangi is going to be on sale(yeah we would refer it to our gang - i mean gang of friends too) , rather what you say when
you see a foreigner "easily available for sex".  Trust me if the condition is going to be like this or to be very precise if we are going to continue living in such a  lawless country without protesting...The worst is yet to come. The ladies will very soon hit the streets to avenge the atrocities done to them.


  1. @monali : with every breath that gal would be taking in the hospital, i have been feeling the restless and the pain.blogging is just a medium to let out and blurt out the anger :)

  2. so cruel...i thing is issue can be solved if we girls team together and Raise Our Voice...Common girlies<3

  3. The problem lies in the mentality of people. That is influenced by a whole lot of factors. We can't say men are at fault neither the fairer sex is at fault, the problem lies somewhere else. Police can't be blamed as a handful of them can't protect each and every one in crores of population here. Govt. already gives up very easily, then who to blame? a strong change is required, revolution! and not that in law order alone, but in the human nature imbibed deep inside. Once that is changed, other will follow the suit!

  4. Good Stuff!
    Also, let's STOP being hypocrites and STOP electing Rape-accused to parliament!

  5. Good Stuff!
    Also, let's STOP being hypocrites and STOP electing Rape-accused to parliament!

    1. @ WAh Sarkar: yes i agree to ur view point completely


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