Dec 7, 2012

Melancholy Of A Lonely Tree

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And its a WOW post

You (Man) have been extremely selfish to my community. You have never bothered to spare a thought about us. Your stupid mentality has cost us a lot. And am not going to spare you.
Am going to be extremely bitchy and mean towards you.
You have seen our love and affection. You haven’t seen our wrath and fury . * rolls eyes*
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I am standing here all alone with all my friends gone. No one to talk to , no one to gossip with. Oh !! how I miss my gossip sessions with my dearies. Next time YOU!! MANSTER!! Sorry I mean MONSTER you and your friends try sitting on my branch, I am going to put you down.
I get bored all alone. All the birds have made my beautiful body their home.They chirp the whole day into my ears ,I no longer get to sleep and rest.
I am tired of giving you my babies- the fruits and flowers. Am going to stop  being intimate and stop having babies. Whom will I be intimate with ? You have made my life boring
Oh How I miss my coochie- cooing  with the fresh handsome leaves on the tree next to me. They are all gone.  Next time you get your stupid Boyfriend and get intimate in front of me I am going to kick you guys.
Next time you sing around me in your hoarse voices I swear I tell you , am going to make you deaf with the rustling sound of the leaves on me. My strong six veined leaves. (They are no less than your SRK huh!!)
Am going to frown away. Don’t even think of coming near me and trying to please me when you need shade. Nothing is going to please me.!!Nothing!! I want my friends back. !i want my crushes back
Ah! Those memorable moments when I used to blush away seeing  Jack (jackfruit ) staring at me.You have stolen away all those.   Jack !! yeah he was my crush!! You crushed him !!
Next time you need paper for writing your dumb love letters , am going to roll you into one.Trust me!! * Angry and Frowns*
No rains !! nothing, you are going to get none!!! How much work should I do all alone? Am I getting paid for it.?? !! I don’t even get fermo-tions ( fertilizers + promotions) on time!!

Am going to leave you all coughing !! Not going to produce fresh air !!Going on a Strike !!!

Going on an Indefinite Strike!!

PS: What if trees go on strike ? What if everything becomes barren around us.just imagine someone from your family being axed away.It pains right???!! Yes please let trees grow and don’t cut them down for one’s own selfish needs. They are our friends and they are the ones who would always help us in some or the other way.

Protest agains deforestation.Every tree cut  and we are hitting one more nail to our coffin!! Trust me its going to be worst!!


  1. thanks ankit.. glad u liked it.. will read yours too :)

  2. good perspective! What if trees actually go on a strike, scary!

  3. @meenakshi : yes thats really scary..hope people understand !!!:) keep reading am glad u liked it


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