Dec 29, 2012

Love Imperfecto!!- : "My entry for the Get Published contest’"

Love is you,You and me
Love is knowing,We can be

Love is free, free is love
Love is living, living love
Love is needing to be loved

                                                                                                 -by John Lennon

 Love is a  pure feeling. As John Lennon says Love is that feeling which lets us know that you and me can be together all our lives. John says that love is a free emotion  not bounded by any restrictions, any society, any ideologies. Love is life and we must live it as if there is no tomorrow. Fall in love, get yourself hurt and you will still feel the happiness in that pain. Don't run around finding love.Let love happen.And when it happens just  surrender to the beauty of love and only then you would realise why the craze   in people to be in love.

Love is blind. Love sees no religion. Love sees no color. Love knows nothing, no shape ,size,caste creed.Love just knows you and me.Love is divine.Love is pure.

The story Love Imperfecto is about two individuals ,different as chalk and cheese . One is burly other is wiry.One is talkative other is silent.One is bold the other is shy. One is dominating and the other doesnt love to be dominated.They come from different backgrounds.  They have altogther different set of families. The story Love Imperfecto  is about Ritika who has a rotund burly persona.Ritika has always been a nerd whose head is always buried under books.For her losing 1 mark in exams is a sin. Missing out on the first bench in class would mean the end of her world.With Arnav's entry her world changed.She dares to fall in love with Arnav, the most handsome,adorable,lean college heartthrob.In the era of size zero,will Ritika fit in with her burly stature?Will she manage to find a place in Arnav's  heart.Will Arnav's heart too beat for Ritika  or would Ritika's proposal mean a heart attack? The story Love Imperfecto is Ritika's struggle to win over Arnav.She strongly believes in the fact Round is a shape and her life partner should accept her the way she is.Will she ever get the man of her dreams?

? Love Imperfecto is a romantic comedy wherein Ritika's mother is an overpossesive,unpredictable  mom who has declared it firmly that her second daughter(Ritika) willnot go in for love marriage even though the first daughter Sia got her wish fulfilled. How is Ritika going to deal with her mom who believes staying alone in a dark room is the first step of an affair brewing somewhere  ?

Love Imperfecto is the author's love story and her funny first time attempts to win over her love. Difficult mom, a nerdy but a confident persona Ritika has lot to deal with. Will she be successful ever?

You can read on my entire story if  you give me a chance to.Promote my story here


This is my entry for theHarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


  1. Like the underdog heroine and love the overpossessive mother angle. The story sounds like it's going to be a fun read already! I voted!

    1. Thanks chaitanya.. this is my real story and its real mess :P


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