Jan 31, 2015

No Pimples No Marks

This post is an entry for Garnier Contest on Indiblogger.

Your face is your window to the world. It is your identity and when your identity is marked by so many scars, you are bound to face so many issue. The very common problem that we face because of pimples are the unwanted attention that our face attracts. I have myself had the problem of acne during my childhood days .On certain days my face would be covered with boils, and where ever i would go, people would look at me , some with sympathy filled eyes, some with disgust. There would be unwanted advices flowing in from unknown quarters.

You sing , you dance , you talk in front of them and they would still be looking at your face.You get dressed in expensive kurtis , you look the best but all that people would  notice were the pimples. Aunties would come up with solutions " oily khana bandh karo"(which meant stop eating oily food) .  Cousins would say," kitna oil hai tumhare face pe "(which meant your face is so damn oily) . I would feel like telling that oil for cooking directly went from my face.
During presentations, you would be explaining every single stuff on the slide that you prepared slogging your ass off last night, but there would be one jerk looking at your face as if he had seen a ghost out of nowhere. While travelling in local trains, unknown people would ask" what happened to your face" . And i would be like, " hello ,who are you?".

Pimples are such a pain, it would pop up on the most important days of your life. On your marriage, on your first date with the most handsome guy, on your interview and all the other important occasions of your life pimples pop up and try their level best to dwindle your confidence.I know of a friend who refused to be photographed and was very reluctant to attend parties because of her acne problem. Acne can lower your confidence and may even make you a recluse.

The main reason behind explaining all this is , your face is the first thing people look at . Its essential you keep it clean, you keep it acne free. 

If you have serious acne problem, I have a one stop solution for you. The newly launched Garnier Active Neem Pure is the one stop solution for all your problems.  It contains Neem extracts and tea tree oil extracts.

It fights the acne causing bacteria ensuring that the skin remains acne free. It also  helps fight dirt and pollution which are another major factor causing skin breakouts. It removes excess oil and helps prevent acne to pop up. Slowly and gradually Garnier helps fade away the stubborn marks left on your skin. I always thought the acne would scar my face forever but luckily Garnier came into my life. Garnier was suggested by a friend who faced the same issue and it is a boon for many girls like me. Garnier isn't a miracle medicine that the changes would be visible in a day or two. It slowly starts working by cleaning the surface of your skin both in the interior as well as exterior and makes your skin slow..

                                   One Stop Solution For All my skin Problems.

Priced below 100 bucks this is a replacement for the n number of visits to your skin specialist. Buy this right now and get an acne free skin. Be pimple free ...Be Beautiful... because you deserve to be :)

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