Jan 25, 2015

Go Bolt Go!!! TATA’s Thunder – Bolt!

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It has always been a dream to own a car and take my parents around in  one. For my  mother, owning a car has always been a matter of pride.  I’m very sure the day I own a car, she is going to publicise it like Poonam Pandey’s PR would do. She would inform the  Sharmas and the Bhatias and every single person known to her and flaunt. Even though she may fumble when asked the name of the car,  “Who Cares?, We have car!” she would say and that is what means a lot to her. So when this TATA initiative came up, she was more pepped up about the same and asked me to go for it. I headed straightaway  to the Phoenix Market city mall in Kurla , approximately after an hour’s travel  in the local train.  After smelling sweaty armpits, and being pushed and shoved here and there, you realise why owning a car is a bliss.  My resolve to reach the mall strengthened further

Born and brought up in a middle class South Indian Family, car was a thing of luxury for me. And if luxury comes in such a package  with the brand name “Tata” then why not. I scanned for the location in the mall where the Arena was taking place and  I literally gasped“What A Beauty!”
                                                TATA BOLT - MY BEAUTY!

The prime reasons why Tata Bolt hit me like the “Godfather” bolt, are:

Exteriors :   A hatchback model, Tata Bolt boasts of a first in class smoked projector headlamps, a striking and  an attractive power bulge on the bonnet, the TATA logo (The T in a ring) in a piano black finish adding to the poise. For people who aren’t aware of what the logo stands for, the T shaped logo stands for trust that the brand exudes. The brand TATA, an epitome of  trust is another major reason why people would be drawn to buy Bolt. Another feature that this beauty proudly beams is a sporty rear spoiler, has 15’’ dynamic alloy wheels, ORVM with side indicators, flame shaped tail lamps, and smart rear wipers. All these features give the Bolt a sporty and classy look. It’s like a younger sibling of TATA zest with a perfect figure to it which reminded me of my sister who has one unlike me :D
( Watch the video where in you can see the car in full 360 degree)

Interiors :
The interior design of this four-wheeled beast tempted me to run away with it! On the inside, the dashboard has a smooth finish with power steering. TATA BOLT also has ensured that we are safe by providing us with the 9th generation  ABS by BOSCH ,CORNER STABILITY CONTROL and DUAL Airbags. The seats are well cushioned and are made of excellent quality fabric. TATA bolt boasts of an inbuilt HARMAN infotainment system which promises to help the customers have uninterrupted internet connectivity. The infotainment system  comprises of a  5’’ screen and can be connected to a wide range of smart phones. It also includes features like advanced Bluetooth technology, voice recognition and smart phone integration. The smart phone integration with the infotainment system enables me to use the  apps installed on my phone along with the system and ensures a fun packed drive. You could switch on to internet radio, podcasts and stay tuned to all the classics on that wonderful long drive of yours. I would say, get this beauty out in the night, tune into your favourite FM channel , switch on to the eco mode of the car and just get set go.. Oh did I say Eco mode?? There are two more modes which suit your persona

                         Harman Infotainment System and Powersteering- My Photography


                                                        Source :google.com

Performance/Multidrive Mode : Bolt has a multidrive model functionality and provides you with three modes : Sport, Eco and City, whichever mode suits your mood. If you are up for an adventure, go for the sporty mood and feel that adrenaline rush in your body, City mode will help you deal with the maddening traffic and eco mode increases the fuel efficiency. TATA Bolt comes in two variants – Petrol and Diesel . It has an inbuilt 1.2 litre turbocharged four cylinder Revotron motor capable of generating 85 bhp of power and 140 Nm of torque in the petrol variant and 1.3 litre Quadrajet engine putting out 75 bhp of power and 190 Nm of torque. The mileage that this car provides would give Usain Bolt a run for his money :d . The car promises to deliver a 24 kmpl mileage in its diesel version whereas 18-19kmpl by the petrol variant.

Seat Capacity  :   If you belong to a family ,where love Is displayed in dollops of butter and ghee smeared on your chapattis, this car is definitely for you. It has a seating capacity of 5 and is quite spacious within.  People with bulky frame can fit comfortably in this spacious car.  The  leg room in the front seat is sufficient enough for a 6.3ft height person to settle in. Inspite of adjusting the seat position ,certain cars are still uncomfortable with people above 6ft. But TATA bolt is comfy . The rear portion of the car near the backseat is so spacious that even I could squeeze in without a fight :D . There is ample boot-space to dump in your luggage while you relax in the front seat. Bolt defines space.

                             Sufficient Boot Space wherein you can bundle and even put me there ;)

Price & Service Centre : All the above mentioned features come at an affordable price ranging from 4-5 lakhs which is something that fits in to the middle class pocket. A perfect bolt  for a ‘nut’shell vehicle budget. Service centres for TATA  Bolt is present in almost all the major cities which again will ensure that your life is smooth and you don’t have to worry about the car’s maintenance . You know you have invested in a something safe when it has the name TATA embossed on it.
This is definitely the perfect car  for someone like me because it is friendly to my wallet and provides almost  all the features that the newly launched TATA Zest provides but at a lower price and above all ensures my safety. And above all it makes me look like this  when am with this beauty ;)

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