Mar 21, 2015

Ramayana – The Game of Life – Book Review

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We have woken up to Mahabharata and Ramayana playing on our television sets every Sunday  all our childhood. We Indians have a deep connect with mythology and we still are in love with the several Mythological serials that we have grown up seeing. So when a book based on Ramayana was up for review, I knew I had to do it ; and do it after reading completely
First of all hatsoff to the  writer  Shubha Vilas for taking up an epic scripted by Valmiki. It takes courage to reproduce the entire book without losing its essence and the interest while reading.
This book is  a sequel  to the national bestseller  Rise of the Sun Prince in this new series Ramayana – The Game of Life. Though I hadn’t read the prequel but it wasn’t difficult connecting to this book as the writer has written  so creatively that  you just get hooked up with the same.
At the end of Book 1, twelve years have passed by since the wedding of Rama and Sita.
The sequel revolves around how Dasarath considers Rama as his successor , he thinks Rama to be apt ruler of Ayodhya and decides to announce it to the kingdom. The decision is accepted happily by one and all . Kaikayi’s tantrums and a lot of other twists and turns results into Rama’s exile from Ayodhya for 14 years.
The writer has exposed several shades a human being can possess ; temptations , manipulative nature, jealousy, obedience etc.  The writer has beautifully etched the different changes human relationships can go through over a period of time. Rama stands the test of all relationships and so the writer calls Rama an unwavering persona. The book inspires us to stand the test of relationships and deal with reversals that we will face in life positively, to handle both good as well as bad tempatations strongly and also emphaises on the fact that there could be times when we would have to step out of our comfort zone and we will have to move along with tide and time.
The book is something that I would recommend every voracious reader , for all age groups. Priced at 350 this is total value for money. All those mythology book lovers, this one is a good catch.

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