Mar 28, 2015

Power Of Being Together! - A Housing.Com Initiative

I am not a morning person at all. And getting up early in the morning and jogging off alone never excited me . But this early wake up routine became exciting when I started going out together for a walk with my bestie Anu. A long walk with a  close one helps you deal with so many issues in our life.
Early morning her phone calls would nudge me to get out of bed and I would lazily join her for a walk. Initially it was just a calorie burner for both of  us. Later on , we started discussing everything that  happened in our day to day life with each other. I would pile up on her all my office issues, my fights with mom, my relationship issues etc. She would discuss everything under the roof with me . She would give me  her opinions and I would give her my thoughts about the same. Our lives became an open book .  Doing this made me realise how light hearted I felt everytime when I returned back from walk. I started feeling  mentally strong and used to look forward to begin each day with a new optimistic attitude.
Early morning walks are something recommended for every age group. And when you do it together with a close one it makes you physically and mentally strong.  We slowly started bonding with the pets that would come for a stroll with their owners . We would spend time with the old uncles and aunts who would come in for walks with their pets. That one hour we spent would set the mood for the rest of the day .  We would return back with a new zeal and optimism. Now that we are married off to two different locations, morning walks together is  something that has been a distant dream.
But still a single phone call from either end reduces the distance  within seconds and we end up chatting endlessly . And it feels so much better. Guess that is the power of being  #together!

 Every day is like a roller coaster ride for us and we face so many hurdles in our life . It takes strength to deal with it and  move on a positive note. We all have fights at home, face pressure at work, career aspirations, buying a house  and so many other issues. There are times when you just cant take it any more and you just need to take a break; a break from all this mundane stuff.  Nothing helps more than sharing stuff with your loved ones. At times its simply enough to know that some one is out there to listen to your problems without judging you.   

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  1. Morning walks are releases stress and sometimes gives you a great boost for our day ahead. Along the way everybody has problems , arguments , etc. and we just want somebody to talk to who can listen to us and not be judgemental. I can totally relate.Cheers


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