Feb 20, 2012

My friend Nikhil….

Please note: There can be spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes but then this post focuses on the feelings more than the technicalities

Mr. Shetty be proud of the fact that you found a place on my blog ;) So just half an hour left for the last day to begin.. Hmmm…!!!
I still don’t remember how we became friends and how we started interacting .I think the project dinner played a catalyst. I never thought we could be good friends rather I never tried being one with you. I never thought giving you a smile...and I believe I too would have topped the list of gals whom you wish to slap once in your lifetime. And I regret it now.. it would have been great had we known each other a bit before than we did now..But then we have our entire life ahead. . And as u always say..”cancer se thodi na marne wala hu”…
I have always found you as a practical guy,very practical but then there have been instances I have seen the softer side of your personality. You have been a cute friend to me. And  I have always loved your sense of humor. You act stupid at times but then  I can bear your stupidity because you are completely worth it..One incident that I would always remember all my life is the way the you wiped off coffee from sandy’s hair and dress..That was one cute moment..now I know you would be like..”Me cute??? NAH!!!”.But then that was actually cute .. One thing I can’t forget to mention is you are straightforward and you don’t care about what people think about you .And that is the most impressive quality about you…That is one thing I like about you…ya just one thing :P hehe!!There is a caring side to your personality too. As also I found you too a bit emotional. You are someone who dreams big and aims to achieve them .I hope all your dreams are fulfilled  and you have a great future ahead.
Soulless Monsters!!! :P

Things  that I am going to miss right from tomorrow: 
  1.  Our coffee breaks : they are going to be incomplete without you.No one can fill in your place and your absence would leave a void which cant be filled up.. And yes we have to look out for a new translator from tomorrow :P 
  2.     The long walks after 8: Bearing sudhir’s traumatic life experiences alone are going to be be difficult with out you. :P And then we are the proud achievers of titles or rather epithets like “Heartless people”,”Perfect examples of Bad Listeners”, ”Soulless monsters”. Now achieving such titles  alone wouldn’t be that great without you being around.
  3.  Our online chats: This is the very foundation of our friendship. I am going to miss this the most..But if you continue chitchatting no matter where you go I wouldn’t mind much…
  4.    Me feeding you cakes: You have been my guinea pig heheh!!! Jokes apart..getting things for you have always been a great pleasure and they have given me a feeling of contentment…
  5.  Your’s and sandy’s conversations and your and Miss H’s talks(not writing the complete name ..because her omnipresent bro may be reading this too :P:D) 
  6.  And your message “Online??”

I am going to miss you loads nix J You are someone with whom I can comfortably discuss stuff and  my share of problems. Many don’t know that we are good friends and many may wonder why would I miss you but then this is a bond that I couldn’t share with many in the workplace. So that makes it even more special. It’s been great knowing you and I would always regret why we dint become friends a year back or few months back.. even though you would say “be thankful for the time spent and don’t regret the times we didnt “ I am someone  who wouldn’t come and tell you all this on your face about what I feel  so thought of expressing it through words..

I wish you all the best in life and hope you have a great great life ahead..
And hope to be friends forever  and hope we stay in touch  J Wish you all the best…


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