Jan 17, 2012

Love And Be Loved

Love is life. This is one feeling which everyone must  experience atleast once in life .And the best part of love is ,this is something that everyone can afford to feel be it rich or poor .Everyone gets a taste of love in their own sweet way. I too have experienced it. I see love in the smallest of the things .Its not always necessary that love means physical love .It can be purely emotional ;it can be between two friends ,two animals etc etc.Love is the most noble feeling ever known.

Some of the things In which I see  love:
Love is when I was born and my mother wept
Love is when my parents left me for office and I wept
Love is when I used to study late nights and my parents used to check whether am sleeping
Love is when I used to be a ranker and my dad just placed his hand over my head without a word from him.
Love is when I bowed down to them for their blessings during exams
Love Is when my parents wait for me to reach home till date.
Love is when my mum calls up during a busy day to know what I ate.
Love is when my mom feeds me even today just because am getting late
Love is when I wait endlessly for that one special person to message and my X2-01 vibrates.
Love is when I wait for the day to end to have the conversation with the special one
Love is when you talk to hundred people of the opposite sex but still get the awesome feeling only with that special person.
Love is when you are fast asleep after a hard day’s work and  someone just puts a warm blanket on you just to make u feel comfy
Love is when I cook terribly and someone says “It’s yummy”
Love is when you are reaching home late and your friend texts you “Reached?”
Love is when someone tells you your imperfections is what makes you special.
Love is when someone lets you have the bigger share of the pie because you so so want it.
Love is when we both smile at each other and think of forgetting the last night fight.
Love is when someone hugs you and tells you were missed the most.
Love is when your sister cleans up your entire wardrobe no matter how many times you leave it messy.
Love is when no matter how many new friends you make, and you still miss someone.
Love is when someone’s boring talks too sound interesting
Love is when that one special message lightens up your mood.
Love is when you get Good morning’s and Good nights from your closest buddies.
Love is when you act stupid and still someone says, ’Go ahead am there with you”
Love is when we both sit silently andstill understand everything
Love is when I see a dumb and deaf couple interacting beautifully ,where I struggle to make people understand with my speech.
Love is when a special needs child does something out of the box and is happy to see their parents smiling.
Love is when your pet refuses to eat something when you are not around.
Love is when your cat refuses to sleep anywhere but on your stomach.
Love is when I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is to check out my Nokia –X201(my closest buddy who knows my share of secrets) for the one special message .
Love is when I look the worst and still some one texts “you are beautiful”
Love is when I see an old couple spending time with each other.
Love is when you wait for that special person to reach home even when u stay across the oceans.
Love is when someone tells you , you have it in you even when the entire world goes on criticizing you.
Love is when someone says you mean the world to them.
Love is when someone says you are missed the most.
Love is when someone says they look forward to your messages and calls  .
Love is when someone says you are one of a kind and awesome at that.                              
Love is when you keep a gift hidden under your dad’s suitcase and wait to watch his excitement hiding behind the door.
Love for me is all of these .These smaller joys of life  keep me sane.I love the smallest things of my life. They make my life worth living. Everyone needs a hug ,a pat including your pets at the end of the day. Love Is something that can only be felt and not described or shared. Most of the time we ignore the small joys of life for the expensive ones like having coffee with your sweetheart in your balcony rather than the CCD’s ;having a romantic dinner with your wife at your place rather than being in the crowded expensive hotels, playing with your dog, telling your close ones what they mean to you once in a while etc etc.Being loved makes me happy happier happiest. Like someone has rightly said
There is only one happiness in life—to love and be loved


  1. Awesomeeeeeeeeeee...

    Lovely... :)

  2. @Suzii - thanku so much..u read all my posts and that makes me very very happy..thanks a lot :)

  3. @Vidya Venkatesh: am glad vid u u liked it

  4. The best description of love I have read so far.. awesome.. hats off to you... keep writing more, u carry emotions in a very superb way... :)

  5. @Inspiration daily:thanks a lot ..am glad u liked it... am an emotional person so i think that helps me write such stuff... :)

    keep reading keep commenting....

  6. Good summary about all the situation ..:P :) All in all good one !!


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