Jan 16, 2012

Miracles- Do they happen?

You don’t believe in miracles until they happen to you.

Buzz buzz went my mobile phone. The phone hadn’t stopped ringing right from the morning. And my Nokia – X201  has been my only companion through ups and downs right from the day I brought it home. We were expecting some kind of bad news that day. We were in a dilemma as to what should be the step taken .We all were having sleepless nights right from the day we got the news my uncle had been admitted to the Cancer Unit at Wockhardt hospital.
Flashback: 3 months back ,after complaining of irritation in the throat area for a long time; my uncle was diagnosed with cancer ; cancer around the diaphragm region. The entire family was shocked. We prayed that the news be wrong.But then the medical reports had arrived and it was all in front of us. It took time to sink in that someone hale and hearty was all of a sudden diagnosed with the killer disease .We all were restless but the only person who kept his calm and cool was my uncle. He seemed quite normal about it. He left like usual to his office the next day leaving all of us baffled. He visited his doctor regularly and would also get admitted for his chemotherapy sessions too. And then would again regain his office routine. He got his younger daughter married all when he knew that he was diagnosed with the last stage cancer. Everytime he got admitted to the hospital he used to come back with a  vengeance and a better progress report.All through these months ,we had seen in him the will power to live his life to the fullest, to see his grand kids and to be back to normal. Whenever I met him in hospital I could see In him the power to fight back. He taught me a lesson which I would never forget all my life ,the value of LIFE.
Last month, again my phone buzzed ,I was in the office when my mum called up to say that my uncle had been admitted with a clot in the brain and that he had fainted back at home. He was admitted and doctors had refused to work on his clot because he was a cancer patient and it was critical working on him. The doctors had given up hope and started administering medicines hoping something would work out. Two days he was unconscious without any improvement. The doctors gave up on him .He was put on a ventilator. The family prayed for a miracle.

And the prayers were answered. Third day he regained consciousness and the doctors could see him responding to the medicines. He had started talking .Doctors had marked him out of danger and the clot was reduced in size with the help of medicines. Doctors said this was nothing short of a miracle. Coming back to life and with the clot all reduced, was a miracle indeed. Being on death bed and then being granted life is a MIRACLE
 I had paid him a visit a week later and I didn’t know how to initiate the conversation. I simply asked him,” How are you?” And he said am fine and asked me “How are the others”. Then again silence fell. I stood there waiting and looking at him and keeping my phone for once away from me. Millions of thoughts ran through my mind.I didn’t know whom to thank for this. I wondered there are so many people who commit suicide when faced with  problems and hurdles and then there was this man who had faced death twice{ once when he realized he had Cancer(Cancer patients die a death hundred times fatal than the actual death when they go through the chemotherapy sessions and radiations) and when he slipped into unconsciousness } and still wants to live this badly .He still says he’s fine when he knows he’s all hollow from within. It’s the spirit that kept him going and is still keeping him alive. He taught me the value of life. He taught me how precious life is.Everytime I think I am fed up of this and that,I think of him and then realize your problem is nothing as compared to what he has been going through.
For all those who are fed up of their problems and wants to take the leap off the 18th and 20th floor, there are much bigger problems in life. Value your life. Miracles don’t happen again and again and for all. It happens only with those who try for it.Remember God helps only those who help themselves.
 I believe if you want to live survive or fight out the worst situations in life have a will power that no one can beat, not even your death.   


  1. haven't you heard.. " DOCTOR: It's a medical miracle, your husband is alright now" :P
    hehe !
    miracles do happen :)


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