Feb 26, 2012

Kahani Thodi Filmy hai - Love En route!!

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Life is a journey and we do end up bumping into all kinds of people , some good some bad ..Some end up leaving  their imprints in our lives and some we wish we never met. Some influenced us , some took us the wrong way . In short  it’s a lesson that you learn whenever you end up knowing someone new. We may also end up having bad experiences meeting up wrong people but then the best way to deal with it is to keep the best experiences that you had with them and chuck off the rest .These were the last lines of the book I was reading in and finally shut the book only to board my train which would take me from God’s own country to Mumbai.
Boarded the train with n number of suitcases and other stuff I barged into the AC compartment and finally settled down. Needless to say , the luggage comprised of sack coconuts, murkku (an Indian snack),kappa, banana chips, jackfruit  etc etc..all the specialities that kerala and  keralites are  envious about.And  they were all ordered to be brought by my mom ,her friends and everyone who enjoyed free cargo service..phew!! I sat down cursing everyone who  had insisted in getting all those stuff..Finally settling in with luggage I started reading the book again.“Don’t trust everyone blindly. Take your time to know people “… went the lines in the book .Suddenly a man in his twenty’s  sat next to my berth and settled in with his luggage.I  thought of giving him a smile but suddenly remembered the lines in the book and thought of going against it. I buried my face in the book and went reading again. The journey went  with both of us busy in our own world.
I finally thought of getting into a conversation with this fellow because there was nothing much to do about. I looked up to get into a talk with him when I realized he had dozed off. Time passed by and finally during the night time I got a chance to talk to him. I found him a bit reserved and introvert types and thought why I had even started talking to him. I felt as if I was better off myself. Finally wishing him good night I tried sleeping. But then I just couldn’t sleep because I was simply worrying about  my luggage, my laptop. Early morning at 4 my train reached my destination- Kalyan .I struggled with my luggage and finally felt relieved to have got it all with me. Boarded a cab to my place and finally reached home.”Madam 200 rupiah hue “ said the taxi driver as we reached my  place.”Arey ha baba deti hu…ruko to sahi!”I replied irritatedly as I kept searching for my purse.And suddenly I realized I had left my purse back in the train. Luckily had a few change in the other bag ,so got rid of the driver with the cash in the other bag. 
Crossroads of Life-google!!

I  regretted the fact that I had been careless about my purse.But I thanked my stars ,for the purse didn’t have too much of cash .I tried to recollect what I had seen last in my purse and I was sure there was nothing valuable  apart from a sim card , few visiting cards and 100-300 bucks. I planned not to tell to my parents or rather anyone about it because I dint want them to be worried about anything.As soon as I reached home, I slumped on to the bed only to be woken up at 10 am by my dad asking me in a tensed tone whether I had lost my purse. I  was shocked how they had learnt about it.I wondered what to reply.I was like “err..yeah..maybe.” and my dad was like ,”MAYBE????Look Rema(my mom) how careless our kids are”. I cut short the family drama that was about to unfold and asked him how he had learnt about it. He said someone had called up Anuj,my cousin in Bangalore and informed him about the purse and he had called us to inform about the caller  and purse .My dad went on,”Anuj being a nice guy immediately called us and he has given us the number of the caller.The caller had insisted anuj to get us to call him and take the purse from him”. I took the number from my cousin and wondered whether to   take pains for 100-300 bucks. Still I was curious enough to know who had taken so much pains to call up my cousin in Bangalore and how he had managed to get hold of the number. On calling him up he sounded  like a true gentleman and our conversation went something like this

Mr.X (as I would love to call him sweetly):Hello!
Me : Hi.This is Chitra.I had lost my purse in the Kanyakumari Express and I got your number from mr.anuj you called up in Bangalore.
X: hey hi ! I tried a lot to get in touch with you.
Me: Oh Really?!! it wasn’t needed though .I don’t think there was anything precious in itThanks anyways!
X: Oh yeah there are a few things.There are two photographs of yours, your fee receipt,your doctor’s visiting cards,your medical bills,your sim card,Anuj’s visiting card,your beauty parlor card,200bucks etc etc
Me: Oh!!quite a lot of things.I wouldn’t have wanted it back except formy medical bills.Can u just send it across
X:Where do u stay?
Me: dombivli. You?
X: Oh OKk!! I never come there..I stay in Andheri .
Me: I would prefer letting the purse go rather than coming all the way to andheri.
X:Hmm!! Ok I would come to Thane if you could catch up.
Me:Done !! 

We decided the venue, time and day and finally we hung up.I wondered whether he had actually called up people for my purse.Much to my surprise,the entire week I was flooded with calls from people asking me about my purse.I was surprised and embarrassed when my doctor called me up to enquire all was fine. I wondered what a fellow he was. So honest! I was impressed by the honesty. I thought of getting him a token of appreciation so that he never stopped doing such acts of honesty and kindness.
On the decided date , I met him at the venue .I was moving impatiently wondering who it would be.i tried calling him once and he had said he was reaching in no time. Finally got a call from him saying he had reached the spot.On turning back  , I saw a man in his twenty’s with his back turned towards me.I went upto him and said,”Excuse me! Are u..?” He turned back and I was shocked ,rather surprised to see the same ‘reserved’ guy in the next berth. He appeared more handsome now . I gave him the token of appreciation which he wasn’t ready to accept. After much coaxing he finally took it and bid me good bye. We stayed in touch after this episode through messages and calls.His honesty had floored me and to top it his charming looks and nature.
I had indeed met the best person who had influenced me with his honesty .I had indeed met someone who had left imprint in my life in the first few initial minutes of our meeting.It was destiny? Don’t know but then I don’t regret losing my purse even once coz Its been 5 years now and Mr.X is now my fiancée. Yes!!
i met the love of my life enroute .It was indeed a memorable journey so far!


  1. nice story...

    Do you really think it iz a real life story...???

  2. ayyoda . . that was such a cute post with such a lovely ending . .felt lyk adding a ' happily ever after ' in the end ;) so u must be a malayali ryt ? i am one :) had a nice tym reading your post . . keep writing :)


  3. @Maliny: sheri sheri ;) yes me a malayali...nice to know you are one too....and ur comment is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee...

  4. @gunturi- thanks bro
    @charuta: thanks ...am glad u liked it
    @amisha: :) thanku ..i hope i did justice to it

    @suzzii: you are one regular reader ...thanks a lot
    @Shreyasi: ur presence over here makes me dance with joy ...thanks a lot :)

  5. Wow! What a cute story :)
    They say it's made in heaven, you guys proved it :)

  6. @punit: thanks ..am glad u liked it...its indeed a cute love story :)

  7. well kahani puri filmy hai :) loved the story!


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