Feb 27, 2012

Book Review: Another Chance

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 Another Chance is  An engrossing book by Ahmed Faiyaz  on fragile urban relationships. The author has thrown light on how delicate the modern day relationships are,one which cannot withstand the time and tide. The author also tries to portray the restless search for love and constant assurance of care, insecurity that the young generation is a victim to, via his protagonist Ruheen Oberoi.
In the author’s words the book is about :
This is the story of a depressingly gorgeous woman, Ruheen Oberoi.
A fragile beauty brought up by her indulgent Nana in Shimla. A woman stalked by a violent, obsessive son of a powerful minister. A woman married to a junkie in London who spends his days on a Playstation. Her passionate lover, Aditya Sharma, a successful Brand Manager trying to strike the work-life balance, wants another chance with Ruheen in Amsterdam. So does her old flame and best friend Varun Shetty, a recovering alcoholic in Shimla, finding meaning in life. Malika, a seductress wronged by her cheating ex-husband, wants Ruheen’s Aditya instead.
Who gets another chance? And with whom?

The main protagonist Ruheen Oberoi comes across as a person who is weak at heart and someone who takes all the decisions emotionally rather practically. Ruheen Oberoi meets the love of her life Aditya during her college days but doesn’t have the courage to fight her ex maniac boyfriend who is all set to destroy Aditya. Ruheen disappears all of a sudden and settles in with her Nana who has been her sole caretaker all her life. In shimla she meets Rohan  a junkie with whom she settles down in London against her Nana’s wishes and ends up having a married life filled with domestic violence and harassment.Ruheen manages to escape from the claws of Rohan and shifts to Amsterdam where she comes face to face with the love of her life Aditya Sharma who persuades her to give their relationship a last try. Both settle down in Mumbai and get busy with their fast paced life. Unable to get  along with Aditya’s hectic schedules which leaves no time for her ,Ruheen leaves Aditya and goes back to Shimla where Varun Shetty her old flame gives a new definition to her life.Now its for you to read and know whom Ruheen  spends the rest of her life with.
The best part of the book is its written in a simple language and it keeps the reader engrossed till the end.I craved for more and more till I reached the last page.The characters have been etched out well and somewhere it connects to all of us at some level. The cover of the book Is designed in a superb way.
Now comes the negative part of the book.There are some grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes which should have been avoided .The usage of Hindi expletives should have been avoided .I seriously didn’t like reading those expletives in the book.  

Overall its worth reading and you can buy this at Flipkart.com!
A perfect Coffee time Book!

Overall Rating : 3.5/5

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