Dec 21, 2014

Pre- Marital Sex - Yes or N0?

Sex is one of the many ways of expressing love. Sex is the very reason of our existence. Sex is the very reason why you and I am here. Sex !Sex! Sex - an overhyped word  done by all but spoken by none.Sex is treated as a taboo in many countries. In this 21st century when we have reached Mars, we are still toying with the idea of Pre- Marital Sex - Yes or No! Before the Moral Police lashes out against my blog let me tell you I am not someone who is promoting pre-marital sex neither am I someone who is against it. But who decides what is right or wrong ? Who decides pre- marital sex is  a sin? The spineless society? or  You or is it me ? .Are we leaving our decisions to the spineless society which acts inert when every hour a girl gets raped -ie. sex without her consent or forced sex or you/me? who reads the very news of rape in the paper every morning and does nothing about it. The very society who bans sex education in schools and we do nothing about it. One thing that all must to come to terms with is we weren't born as a result of cross pollination. Our parents did it and we will do it too sometime in future may be before marriage or after marriage.

Whether its right to do IT(using the pronoun because by now am expecting activists outside my home for the overusage of the word SEX) before marriage or after marriage is a matter of choice which must be left open for the individuals involved to decide.I and my partner should have the freedom to decide when and how i should express my love to my partner.  Sex is the need of every human being just like food ,clothing and shelter.  And every single individual needs the same. You are not a whore if you do it before marriage,with whom you do and what all you do is again your choice.Its just like i wanted a new jeans , i brought it. Sex is the very basic need of an individual - this is something I need not explain being a citizen of the country with the second highest population in the world. Obviously all these people just didn't drop down one day  from the sky. They all did ITeither before or after marriage. Then what difference does it make if you do it before or after marriage. Marriage is just an announcement to the whole world indirectly that these two people involved in the marriage will be sleeping around together henceforth.I am yet to come to terms with the fact that how parents can send in their daughters with an unknown person one fine day to sleep around and be totally dead against if the daughters do the same thing before marriage.How can a marriage decide what is right or wrong. As per my opinion , Sex is something which is a very personal thing in a couple's life and no one should have  the right to interfere in a couple's life and decide what is right or wrong. It is totally a couple's view and their decision how they decide to take their relationship to the next level.If the question is about getting dumped after pre marital sex; there are many  cases where in people get married and dump their brides after the first night or the over hyped "Suhag rat " in India( first night after wedding).But the same issue can also be looked at from a different point of view. Pre marital sex will leave no surprises after marriage. No excitement of the first touch, first kiss , first hug ;nothing new left to experience after marriage. Again i would repeat its the decision of the couple as to what has to be done.Sex  isn't a crime . So the question of whether doing it before or after would be right or wrong doesn't arise at all.Sex is a beautiful expression of love. Dont criminalize it.This post is written as part of a contest YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex on Indiblogger.Poonaam Uppal ,the Love Goddess unravels the various secrets of love in her book – A Passionate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story. Read on....


  1. It is rightly said as Sex is an expression of love and shouldn't be criminalized.

    But the portrayal of sex being a need like food, clothing and shelter makes it look more like a necessity than an expression of love.

    And the thought of "I need sex" does make one a whore. Where as it should be left to the individuals how & when they see it or treat it.

    1. Its a necessity as well as an expression of love my dear. Its anecessity so people go to brothels to fulfill their needs.
      Am surprised and at the same time am intrigued to know how just the thought of I need sex makes one whore . And if needing sex makes one whore ,why are the ones who fulfill the random needs of sex called a whore always.


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