Dec 6, 2014

Book Review : Nirbhaya And The Other Who Dared

 When I was asked to review the  book, the first reason why  I decided to review the book was the name Nirbhaya . I thought this was one such book where in again the plight of women would be described. Nirbhaya the name will always remain an epitome of the atrocities of men against women.Nirbhaya will always remind us of someone who succumbed to the atrocities of men. But this book came out to be different.  Kusum Chopra has empowered the name Nirbhaya and has portrayed women as very strong  protagonists in each and every story. Instead of portraying the characters as someone getting suppressed , the writer sends out a strong message with  the strong characters that its time to speak out, and act against the atrocities of men. The writer has beautifully etched out several stories where in she tries to convey the following messages
- that its fine to look out for sex elsewhere for women , as it is  for men.Looking out for sex outside doesn’t make you a slut.
- women have equal rights on their parent’s property as men.
- A widow neednot waste her entire life taking care of her in laws. She should be allowed to lead a life of her own.
- Divorce isn’t the end of life. And divorce isn’t a  women’s fault. 
-that it is necessary to fight against an alcoholic and abusive  husband.
Several stories which portray women as bold ,courageous and their battle against the orthodox rules of the society form the main crux of this book.

Pros :
A different outlook totally , and me being a feminist myself this book is a welcome change  compared to so many books which show women in poor light.
This book made me think on all the topics highlighted in the book as to what would have been my reaction or how would I have behaved in all such instances.
This book is the need of the hour and may be an answer today to  most of the problems women are silently facing today even in metropolitan cities.

 Some stories have a confusing start , and I had to read twice to understand about whom the story was revolving around. At Rs.250 I feel the book is overlypriced.

The  book makes up for an interesting read during tea time and will keep you engrossed.
Rating : 3/5

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