Nov 19, 2014

Bring Back The Touch

An indiblogger initiative along with Parachute Advansed Lotion #BringBackTheTouch.
It was their 50th wedding anniversary.Their marriage had lost the sheen it had years ago.Revathi wondered whether Ravi even remembered their wedding date. She kept thinking about their dating days. It was different.But things had changed. After two kids and their responsibilities had come up, their marriage had totally taken a different turn.Revathi was lost in thoughts as she did the house hold work. It was 11am and Ravi had left for work.

Revathi had decided to rest for a while before cooking up for lunch.She knew Ravi would be home by 1 for lunch. She wondered whether she should cook something special. She wondered whether it would remind Ravi what was special about the day.She took a nap and woke up to rush straight into the kitchen to whip up something edible for lunch. By 1 everything was ready.Revathi had decided to cook something simple but it turned out to be an elaborate affair. She arranged the food on the table and waited for Ravi to come.
The bell rang.Revathi rushed to open the door for Ravi.Her life had become monotonous,She thought.She served food as Ravi sat hungrily to have the lunch. She expected Ravi to appreciate her cooking .But she knew Ravi never did that. The last time he ever did was during their college days when she would cook up an omlette during their night outs. She sat next to him and saw him eat. She felt happy as Ravi had no complaints about the lunch. As she was about to leave Ravi held her hand and asked her to have a seat.It was years since something like this ever happened. Ravi still kept holding her hand .That was the touch Revathi had longed for since years. "Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary" wished Ravi and handed over abox of chocolates. "You remembered?" , exclaimed Revathi in excitement.Ravi hugged her tight as tears of joy flowed down her cheeks.
Bring back the touch in your boring monotonous lives.Bring back the love like many such couples like Nimrat in the video below as well as Revathi and Ravi. Rekindle your romance with a lovely touch.

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