Sep 13, 2014

Chapter1 : A Strange Journey

A tale woven by  craftsmen in the Team 'Supernova'.

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As the train chugged along , Shekhar pondered how his life had changed totally with the birth of Roohi.  His life totally revolved around her these days.
Roohi was Shekhar’s nine year old daughter. Roohi was born after 7 years of his marriage with Tara. He kept looking outside the window and was lost in his thoughts about his marriage and life.
Tara and Shekhar were college sweethearts. Shekhar had fallen for her the moment his eyes fell on her. Tara was  different from the other gals of his college. She was tall, beautiful and carried herself very elegantly. She was someone whom every guy wanted to date. Some how cupid struck and love had blossomed for the young couple.  Both Tara and Shekhar were different as chalk and cheese but  there was something that kept them going together. Shekhar wondered what was that , that kept them going strong then. He broke into a smile lost in his thoughts as he remembered the old days when they would bunk lectures to have golgappas from a nearby vendor. Tara used to love them. It reminded him that it has been days that they went out on such a date . He missed those long walks in the rain , sharing tea from the same cup .Suddenly his thoughts were disturbed by the sounds of  “ Chai ! Chai”. The railway vendor served him tea .He was untidy and had worn torn clothes. Shekhar was too lost in his thoughts to worry about the hygiene.
As he sipped his tea, he thought how Tara’s career and priorities had totally changed after marriage. Shekhar remembered how pretty Tara looked in the wedding trousseau. She was dressed in all the fineries and she looked quite a goddess .Shekhar remembered how he couldn't stop looking at her and she kept gushing and blushing like every other coy bride. Oh! those lovely wonderful days he thought! He also realised how Tara's  priorities had totally changed over the years. With multiple miscarriages she had, she had lost hope in her life and had found peace in her career. She had become so career obsessed that Shekhar had taken a backseat in her life. And then Roohi had happened to them after so many years of their marriage. She was a cute bonny baby. Her chubby cheeks and soft  brown hair  were signs of her resemblance to Tara. Her eyes glistened every time Shekhar would take her out in the sunlight. Shekhar  was happy Roohi was blessed with her mother's beauty. Day by day Shekhar had grown possessive of Roohi  so much so that Shekhar managed the house, and Tara the office.
Roohi had grown into a plump little girl. She was a totally spoilt child . Notorious and bigtime prankster that she was , Roohi would often end up bullying kids of her age. Shekhar always ignored her mistakes. Shekhar had spoilt her big time.She always got whatever she ever wished for. She knew she could throw in tantrums and daddy dearest would give into her wishes. But her mom was different. Strict and stern , Tara had laid down rules for her. But she always believed that  " Rules were meant to be broken", something that Shekhar had taught her during one of her long conversations she had with her dad after school. And they both had laughed off Tara's rules and guidelines. Shekhar would bring Roohi back from school and spend time playing with her on weekends. Shekhar  still remembered Roohi's fourth birthday which was celebrated in such a grand way in one of the five star hotels in the city. 
She had asked for a big Disney themed party and  Shekhar couldn't  refuse.  
Those days were full of fun , he thought. He had started missing Tara and Roohi and he knew it was a long journey before he could actually meet his loved ones. The train kept moving with speed and Shekhar's excitement to meet his family just intensified every second.
Suddenly the train screeched to a halt and the tea spilt over his denim pants. The hot tea flowing down through his denims had brought him back to reality.
Jennifer and Cyrus by now had fallen sleep and the sudden jolt by the train disturbed their forty winks. Jennifer's camera fell with a thud due to the sudden brakes applied and she rushed in to save her costly camera. Cyrus looked around with surprise as to what had caused the commotion.

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  1. Looking forward....its going so well

    1. Thanks Shweta ) please read all the links... we have already completed 18 chapters

  2. Given the intriguing prologue, the backdrop to Shekhar's life is quite clichéd and brings in the image of Hindi movie love story where the conventional idea of beauty governs the love story. Once the chapter unfolds, it is easy to predict for we have been brought up with such love stories by the indian cinema. Had there been a factor that made the story different... It would have been attractive.

    1. Hi Akansha thanks for stopping by and reading the post... Shekhar's story may be a bit cliched...but the main focus isnt on his love story and we are not writing a love story here....


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