Jul 21, 2014

Stage & Me...

A big break I took from the blogging world and now there are so many topics I want to blog about. Will take you through everything that you missed from my life. I just switched to a new firm two months back and my heart still lies with my First Company IGATE which gave me a platform to actually identify myself and be what I am.

We had this initiative called as TGIM- Thank God it's Monday where in every Monday the employees would be encouraged to come forward and display their talent no matter how weird it was. It is a platform to provide 30 minutes of unadulterated pure fun and a place where we could hear some soothing and soulful music. An attempt to get rid of your Monday blues. The Mondays at IGate were something  that I would look forward to. I usually sang with my better half  Suchitra Vaidynathan and we earned a name for us - Chitra Sisters. I have had a blast on the stage singing with her .

I am sharing a link of the video with you guys  of one of my performance for IGATE Annual Event -2014. 


The quality of the video isn't that great but it's one of our best performances and we performed in front of 10000 odd audience and its one of the most memorable events of my life. This post is not to brag about myself but  to encourage all my readers to overcome the stage fright that each one has.

What amazes me is the way I performed in front of such a strong crowd. I was fearless .I didn't know what fear was. I didn't care how the performance was going on. For the very first time I felt I sang for myself. People have an presumed image of me as someone who's bold and someone who is fearless and so performing on stage would be like a piece of cake for me.

But the truth is I have been booed many times during my college days and many times I have walked down the stage with tears in my eyes. One such incident that I would want to share with you guys is of my junior college days . We had an elocution competition and I had to talk on some topic. I had prepared it well and I thought I would crack it. I went to the stage as my name was called. The hall was occupied with hardly 50 people. One look at the audience then and I had went totally blank. I started with my speech ,I muttered something and then I went blank. There was complete silence in the room, I was nervous and anxious .I saw the audience staring at me waiting for me to speak a word atleast. The judges asked me to finish it off and give another competitor a chance. I had tears in my eyes and I asked the judges for one more chance. And they refused. By then the audience had started hooting, giggling and I was in tears. I left the room crying .I could have left the stage forever. I could have stopped being on the stage forever. I could have left the stage forever. But it just encouraged me further .I realized two things from the incident that the stage is where I belong to and secondly I need to be the best if I wanted people to cheer for me.

I know many of my friends who are so talented but fear from performing in front of people. Right from very young age parents identify the talent in their kids and put them for various classes to hone their skills. But not many parents encourage their kids to go and perform on the stage. Parents fear getting embarrassed themselves and most of the time never encourage their kids to be back on stage after one or two failed performances. I would suggest everyone  reading my post, If you think you have got it in you, just go there and perform without being bothered about the world. Your first performances may be a failure but that shouldn't stop you. Every time i get on to the stage, this incident comes to my mind and I realise that i have hardly 5-6 min to prove myself- so either I make it or break it. At times I dont even think about anything I just do it for myself. No matter what your age is, being on the stage has nothing to do with your age, you just have to be young at heart and you just have to do things wholeheartedly.


  1. Good one. Stage fear is something which dogs a lot of people. My mom used to push me to take part in all kinds of competitions after which I lost my inhibition for the stage. Having said that, I still have stage fear.I just acknowledge it and move on :)
    Just got my son to participate in his first school speech and I am still marveling at his new-found confidence.

    1. Manju u r so so doing the right thing. Make ur son fearless and see how far he goes :)


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