Apr 20, 2013

Not Every Gal Loves Shopping!!!!

Who says gals love shopping. Who says every gal goes crazy over shopping? And who says gals love shopping when they are using their husband/boy friend's credit cards? WHO !!WHO?? WHO??? I am pretty sure there would be several rather hundreds of gals like me who loathe  shopping. I am too lazy to lift myself up and go all the way to the shopping  mall and keep undressing oneself hundred times till the right dress fits in. Most of the time i leave the shopping thing to my sister and my mom who take care of all these stuffs which i find silly. Even if i am forced to shop i prefer finishing it within no time.i hate spending time at the counters for paying bills, waiting for the long queue to end till the time you reach at the counter wasting more of your money , as if wasting time wasn't enough.

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Whenever i go shopping for clothes, the biggest pain is waiting outside the trial rooms waiting for my turn to get in and try to fit into the clothes which say they  belong to your size but wouldnt even get down the neck. When you are aimlessly waiting outside cursing the time and the day , gals come out one by one strutting their stuff just to get a thumbs up and a string of praises from the other troubled souls like me waiting outside. When you are slim or rather malnutritioned or rather we put it up diplomatically as a size zero , any kind of clothing that is available in the shopping centre even the ones available in the kids section suit them or rather they fit into them. But yes if you are someone like me on the heavier side shopping is actually a pain. you take in 5 sets of clothes in, and three of them get stuck at your neck. Shopping makes me realise that i need to lose weight and when i reach the food court i start believing that shopping has built up a lot of stress and i must relax , take a sip of cold coffee (did i miss the icecream) and just chillax!!! No matter what you wear or try out you still find yourself in the best of the shape.(Round is a shape too!!) What makes the shopping for clothes event more boring is the n number of times you have to undress yourself in the trial rooms and have a look at the unflattering figure that i flaunt with pride.
Another pain while shopping is the irritating salesmen who keep following you till the trial room ,"Madam kuch batau?".. I wonder what he wishes to show :P ..but neways i refuse. I am always sure of what i want to buy, which color etcetc so  that i dont end up wasting time . On days when i force myself to shop ,one thing is for sure either my size of clothes or the color which i want to adorn would be missing . And that makes it even more painful.

There are days when you are not shopping for yourself and you accompany someone for shopping. On one such particular day, i accompanied a male friend of mine as he wanted to buy shoes . It took us approximately more than a hour to zero in on the pair of shoes which he finally thought was "Ok!ok!"..Really ? after spending one hour just to buy a single pair  of shoes you find them ok !ok! ... Grrr !!Shopping is no less than a rocket science, where inhours are spent thinking what to buy,another few hours, loitering here and there for hours searching for the right thing, and at times shamelessly returning back happy with either bags and baggages or at times rather empty handed.

And who said shopping is a stress buster? Which fool uttered these lines..? Standing outside in queues for trial rooms adds to the stress..The high prices on the low deserving outfits adds to the stress in the era of inflation. And yes, the queue for paying bills, as if they doing a favour on us by taking their money makes me go even more crazy.They add to STRESS!!!!Jumping in and out of shops with no aim as to what has to be brought is stressful.Dealing with "kya batau -kya batau" salesmen is another pain. Submitting your bags before starting with shopping also adds to tension.And doing this at every store in the mall increases the Irritation quotient.
I hate SHOPPING!!!!!!

I know this post is going to please a lot of men who already have got a hole in their pockets today being a Saturday and weekend means shopping for most of the ladies.And i may even become the topmost contender in many of the matrimonial sites after publishing this blog post
.I know !i know am worth it  :P
But trust me!! gals like me do exist ....Not every gal loves shopping ... :)


  1. m in the league as well chitrgupt...

  2. @Anu : am glad we belong to the same league :)

  3. Good Lord!! (pinching myself hard)

    Are there really women who don't like shopping??? You just described what we guys go through.. of course, the most serious thing that a guy gets to hear from his girl before shopping is when she utters those three special words - "Hold my purse":)

    (pinching myself really, real hard)

    1. Hahhahah!! there are women who loathe shopping...trust me...women have been made infamous for this silly shopping thing... there is so much more to life than shopping ...like gossiping :P

      i hope you too get someone who hates shopping very soon.... :)


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