Apr 28, 2013

Excuses!!Excuses And More Excuses!!!!

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Right from Monday, as the week begins I start counting my days towards Friday. And by the time its Friday , the mood is already set for the weekend. And who works on a Friday come on!! Friday is the time where in you get all ready to welcome the weekend. And on such a day, I become terribly lethargic and find excuses not to work . You asking me for one excuse, I can give you ten excuses, some of which I have used, and some of which my juniors have used on me.

Reasons I have used:

  •  have been pondering over that XYZ issue and thinking over it. It took most of my time.
  •  I have a terrible system . Just can’t work on it
  •   Feeling sick .
  •   I have been helping the new colleague with his systems and logins
  •  Oh, we had  a meeting? My outlook seems to have betrayed me.
  •  Am upset over my appraisals.
  •   And I am going to stay upset for one, two ,three …may be till the next appraisal :-/
  •   The guy sitting next to me stinks and it distracts me.

Reasons my juniors have used when I ask them about their absence.. or if who will finish off their work.

  •  My dog is unwell.(As if it was the dog we hired!!)
  •  There was a robbery at my place. And my laptop was a part of the loot. So calling it off for the day(yeah !! it was I who looted… damn!such resources)
  •  Both my hands are paining and I don’t  think I can make that ppt.(can I provide you with a masseur ?)
  • Bas ! yar aaj mood hi nai  hai( Yes and I am being paid to take care of your mood swings.. Lift your ass and get to work !!!) 
  • My cousin is coming from bangalore  and so I cant be giving support to the production systems . My parents want me to take him around. Which place would be the best to roam around ? ( Our Office!! Why don’t you bring him here ?) 
  • I have been shifting to a new rented apartment. And so I can’t come to office today.. On being asked, why on  a Friday , you have two days of weekend… The reply comes,” I would need rest after all the relocation “( Oh really?!!Grrr)
  •  My maid has gone on a strike. ( Do you expect me to come during a period of such crisis?)

Some reasons make you laugh at it. Some leave you terribly pissed.All are part and parcel of corporate life. Making excuses is easy but to make It appear convincing is an art which many fail to master and obviously they get CAUGHT! Like it has happened with me , I called In sick at my company and went for an interview to a X company where in my boss’s HR wife spotted me. Obviously I didn’t know she worked there. And what followed was a lot of embarrassing moments …Needless to say!!

So next time , you give some excuses, do a thorough research and make your excuses look as the only truth existing in the world.

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