Oct 6, 2014

21. An Endless Night

 A fast paced crime thriller by team Supernova .

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“Oh! dear Tara you are yet to make the tea I asked for... Quick! Come on.... you know that I hate delays " said Aryan Ahuja in a stern tone. Tara was totally numb with the news that was aired that Shekhar was the culprit and he was the mastermind behind the hijack. Her world had crashed, she had no idea as to what could be done. Her phone had started ringing non stop the moment the news was aired. She was clueless as to how she could save herself and Roohi from the hellhole which she considered was a safe house...What an irony she thought!! she had been trapped in the very same house she considered safe. Tara moves into the kitchen lost in her thoughts and starts preparing tea for Aryan. Aryan kept sending instructions which she didn't care to hear. " Darling, two spoons of sugar" said Aryan and laughed hysterically. " Shut up! Just get out of our lives " cried out Tara. Aryan was surprised by Tara's outburst and in a sudden fit of anger pulled her by her hair. " Look , am here to get all those information about Xombie that you have. You better don't make me a monster. Do as I say ! your husband is a fool, I wonder how he could risk his beautiful wife and his precious daughter's life for a bloody piece of information." 

Tara trembled in fear as the grip on her began to loosen. She could fight him out but she was losing the mental strength for the same. She was not sure what she had to do. She couldn't trust Aryan as to whether he would let them live even after the information was shared. She knew there were a lot of people involved in the same and Ahuja was just a pawn . She knew they were dangerous and she didn't wish to risk her life for the same. Tara places the cup of tea infront of Aryan. "That's like my good girl" said Ahuja... "Now as i relish your refreshing tea, you go and get all the information that I am seeking for . Go! you should be here by the time I finish this tea or else am going to finish you off", barked Ahuja red with anger Tara hurried to Roohi's room to ensure she was safe . On seeing Roohi sleep blissfully Tara broke into tears blaming herself for getting her family into so much of trouble. She knew this wasnt something Roohi deserved. 

She knew she had to fight Ahuja. But how ! how could she do that. She decided to share all the non essential details with Ahuja and decided to convince him that this was all she had and that her husband was innocent. Tara hurried with some papers out of Roohi's room and locked the room carefully. She handed over the papers to Ahuja and pleaded him to leave. "This is all that I have .

 Please leave us alone." cried out Tara. "Thats like a good girl , Give it to me.. let me see those papers ", smiled Ahuja . Ahuja went through the papers and Tara could see his temper rising. She had decided she would not give away the information whatever may come. Tara was lost in thoughts when Ahuja got up from his seat and slapped Tara hard on her face. " Don't you try acting smart with me. Am not going to fall for this kind of nonsense. I give you one more chance, go get the information" he growled. Ahuja continued ," You know what, this kind of a publicity is something that we like. Any kind of publicity is good for us. We want people to talk about us. And when you started working on the same, we were happy that we were getting a journalist covering our story for free... Hahhaha!!! This is just free publicity for us.. your stupid work amounts to free publicity.. And look at you... , you are risking your life to give us publicity.. HAHAHAH!!!! I am loving this" Tara couldn't believe what Ahuja kept blabbering. She was disgusted with her profession , she wondered where her job had put her into. Ahuja's voice disturbed her thoughts, "But you know what you did a grave mistake.. You acted smart... You collected more information that you should have ever done... You have the information about our Chief..." Tara was left wide eyed. She wondered who was the Chief of all the names she had. She never had realised that she had reached the end of her investigation because Sarkar had assigned her to an other project on priority. It had come from her top bosses and it was difficult for her to refuse. She now realised that every single person was hand in glove in this mission. "Go... Get me all the information..Come on...fast!" screamed Ahuja. Tara was too shocked to move because of all the information she had heard from Ahuja in the last 30 seconds. Ahuja was fuming and seeing Tara's no reaction to the same he was not sure as to what he would end up doing. Tara rushed in hurriedly to get all the information. She knew she had to live for her family. She handed over her spare laptop to Ahuja. And then there was a loud noise from the room followed by a shriek .

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