Apr 16, 2011

Never gonna bow!!

The war has begun
Coz things have been outdone
You treat me like a door mat
Believe Me I aint anymore taking that
I talk what is true
and thats what leaves you blue
You want me to be like you
I wanna know  !!what are you??

I have never minced ma word
And my frankness leaves your speech slurred

I know I can
And please!!! I don't need a man 
I have reached here without your support
Makes me proud your help was never sought.
You never Stood for yourself first
That proves you are  simply the worst.
One thing is for sure
I am someone whom you can never lure

I am not taking things lying down anymore
And trust me ,very soon am showing you the door
The rebel in me would never die
It doesn't matter even if i would have to cry
There is no stopping anymore
No looking back and pondering any more.
My tears don't mean I am weak
They just make me stronger week by week.
Suppressing someone is easy,
And it comes easy to people like you who are cheesy

What makes me laugh is that you are still insecure
Lost aimelessly in life and still unsure
Its high time for you to know
I aint going to bend and bow
You get respect when you are worth it
For you i Can only say, dont even expct it
Its going to be one-on-one
And trust me am going to spare none.
It doesn't matter whether i win or lose
But I aint bending down to your ideas and views

The game is about to begin
And its not about who lose or win
its just to let you know
Am never gonna bow
Am just neva gonna bow

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