Jan 18, 2015

Things That Define Me

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Sky is the limit for me…. Every day I wake up and I have this feeling  that am racing against time. There is so little time left and have so much to achieve in life. This very feeling  encourages me to push myself to achieve more .  I just don’t want to stop . I want to keep doing things .  I want to learn more , achieve more. You can call me ambitious, but I feel am simply passionate about learning new stuff. My thirst of learning new things is simply insatiable.
Nerd : I was a nerd in school with those geeky glasses and someone who would always be buried under the heap of books. I was  a ranker and I always wanted to be  a ranker in whatever I did. I was hardworking to the core. I ate, I drank , I breathed the very ambition of being a doctor someday in my life. The very thought of seeing myself in the white apron pushed me to slog day and night. School days came to an end and so did junior college. Things didn’t go the way I wanted do… I got an admission for Engineering rather than Medical as I always dreamt of.

An Engineer: I always thought I could never be an engineer. Understanding technicalities and working on the same wasn’t my cup of tea. I cried , I frowned because I felt I was stuck in something I couldn’t relate to. But somehow I came to terms with reality and accepted the fact that I need to be good in whatever I do rather than cribbing over what I couldn’t be in life.  Working hard through out the  four years I passed out with flying colours .
A Teacher: Yes, you are right a technical job wasn’t my first job. I remember my dad refusing money for buying some artificial jewellery for which I was crazy at that time. And my mom telling me bluntly,” If you want it, earn it .” And that somehow  hit me so badly and  I decided that henceforth I would never ask them for a single penny. And that is how I started with my first job. Teaching a bunch of students at my place for a small amount ranging from 100-300 bucks. All these  kids  belonged to lower economic groups. The joy of teaching them was priceless.
An Engineer:  Recession hit the techies back in 2008 and most of us lacked a well paying technical job.  Eight months after the results were out, I landed my first job as a techie in PATNI computers. Even though coding wasn’t  my cup of tea , I have worked hard enough to meet the expectations of my peers and senior colleagues. Am proud to say that I am doing well in a field I thought I would never take a step into.
A Singer: Music has been a part of my life right from my childhood. Mom would tie my piggytails and drop me for an hour of Carnatic Training. Initially what I thought was boring somehow became my lifeline. From singing in bathrooms and then on stage, it somehow became an indispensable part of my life. As a techie in the software firm , I did everything to stay in touch with the noble art of music. Right from singing in stage to jails and orphanages I have did it all. The claps and loud cheer from the audience encouraged me everytime  to go back there and perform. I have forgotten lyrics, I have missed the tune at times but its an ongoing fight to make it the best .
Dancer:  I tied ghungroo on my feet at the age of 5. I would be a coy child and I knew I never danced well. No appreciation from the guru further strengthened my resolved. Eight years passed by like that and at the ripe age of 13, I did my Arrangetram ( my first stage performance) and I danced like no one was watching. I performed roles that no one could with ease and finesse. Applauded and cheered for being a good performer I went on to perform in various states of our country. I danced till the age of 25 and have taken a sabbatical now from Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi. Tied a ghungroo on my feet I can still enthrall the audience with my expressions and grace. Somehow after my marriage I feel getting involved in an another dance form just to stay attached with the art.
Blogger:  Tired of my endless blabbering ,  a friend suggested me to start writing. He thought  I could put my endless thoughts into words and he would be relieved for a while.  I thought it wasn’t a bad idea  and took upto blogging. Won several accolades and prizes, blogging just became an integral part of my life.
A daughter : I can say I have been a good daughter. Good in the sense, independent to the core, my parents never had to worry about anything be it my studies, my marriage, my classes ..i can say and even they would agree to this that am a self made person. I have made my decisions and have abided them. Good or bad I have taken it in my stride and have learnt from the same.
A daughter in law : Just three months into the marriage , am not sure what kind of a daughter in law I am. But quite sure of the fact that am not giving people a tough time at my in laws  as my mom had expected :D  A food lover and someone who loves to cook and experiment with food, I love cooking for my family. Am not a superchef but someone who loves cooking for my folks. At times  the food turns super yumm and at times it just deserves to go down the drain. As I blog, my poor in laws are hogging a bowl of miserably cooked Hakka noodles. But whenever my mom-in-law says its good, my heart leaps with joy.
A wife : Am more of a friend  than a wife to my husband. We discuss  everything right from gals to each other’s  dirtiest secrets. Am not sure whether am the perfect wife that my husband looked out for but I have made sure my imperfections haven’t come in the way of our married life. Am like that typical wife who waits for the husband to come and have dinner ,A wife who hugs him when he is back home after work, a wife who want to see her hubby eat  etc etc.
Sister: I am also A younger sister to my sibling who is somewhere reading this article and planning to correct all my mistakes in this article. We have come a long way  right from the worst fights that we had where in neighbours would come and drag us apart to the fact that I could punch in anyone’s face who talk ill against my sister. I can fight with my sister but if you fight….oh boy!! You are in total mess!
Apart from all this , am into Scrabble,badminton and social work.

This is ME! This is my small world..my world filled with music,dance arts ,my family , my friends,my hubby.. My life is incomplete without all of them. I juggle all these responsibilities all at a time. People ask me how I find time for all these activities…. Its my belief that if you are passionate about anything in your life  you just have all the time in the world.. Nothing can stop you  .
So what if you are married, so what if you are a mom to a toddler…make time for yourself. Let your hair loose and have fun doing what you love the most.
I would say be a little selfish  and save that small amount of time for yourself doing what you love the most.

Do things that make you happy and do it often..


  1. Wow.. I am glad I read another 'And' story..
    If not a doctor so what, u are a combination of so many other things...

  2. Loved the insight into your world! All the best for the contest. :)

    1. Thanks Paneerandpulao ...please keep reading :)


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