Oct 19, 2016

Dear Hubby

Happy happy anniversary my dear hubby,

Let me tell you this is going to be the year when officially people have the right to ask us awkward baby questions, when they think they have the right to speculate if things are going the wrong or the right way....

I think that's what the second year of marriage in our society means. Forcefully have babies due to pressure from all corners . 

But yes the last two years of our marriage  I think both of us have learnt a lot. We have learnt to give importance to our choices more than what people think or will think about us.

We have given importance to our careers, our dreams and have made adjustments..I wouldn't use the word compromise because I feel no one should ever compromise on their dreams for the sake of others.We probably have one life together, which we decided to live together....so why not make the most out of it. 

Ok..so hows been the last one year of our life....Read on...

There have been times when I have felt what if we fail to have kids and I have had shared these apprehensions with you...you were quick enough to point out that if its meant to be it will be.

There have been times when I have felt what If I would
 never conceive ....you were quick enough to say the fault could be in both of us and not me alone.

All the last ten years of my life I wanted to be Mrs.nambiar( you can ask my friends about this) , but the moment I got married to you I felt a sudden possessiveness to my maiden surname. I felt that's what made me whatever I am and it wasn't easy enough to part ways with it. I just couldn't change it for the sake of it.  I mean even if it changes on paper , probably deep down I would still want to be called as  Chitra Nair. Not being a feminist and changing norms here ,..it's simply my choice. Have discussed this with you and you were very cool enough to say you can live with your maiden name all your life.

I have asked you many a times if I would ever support your career choices the way you have done and you were quick enough to say I will. 

There are times when you get a couple of flirty messages from random friends of yours . And me getting it from some friends of mine. You have always been indifferent to these and I have learnt from you how  to not let it affect the stability of our marriage.

The Germany official trip that I would be leaving for in few days; I so very well remember how our anniversary as well as vacation plans had to be changed in a jiffy like in an hour with all the pre bookings cancelled . You even paid up the cancellation amount so that I could go ahead with the Germany trip... You have always let my dreams grow .

You have patiently answered a 'NO' a million times like a BOSS whenever i have asked if I have grown fat.i mean how effortlessly you do that ;)

You have held me tight when I thought I would crumple , you have helped me grow when I thought I won't, you let me live a  crazy wild life of a bachelor when I thought marriage was the end of my freedom. You have surprised me at every stage of my life in a way or the other
I don't think I would remember the materialistic stuff that I have received as gifts from you, it's going to be these memories that I would be cherishing all my life.

I believe amidst the silly love notes, text messages ,dinner dates we actually grew up as a couple in the last one year.

And I also know when I am pouring my heart out in this post... you are going to be the last one who would be reading this ...slow that you are ... bwahhahaha!

Once again happy anniversary...!!!

Getting married to you has one of been the best decisions of my life..and I hope you feel the same haha!


  1. Relationship goals...well written chechi..��������

  2. Very well written ...I am happy he supports you for everything :)

  3. Chitra u have described him so wel that i fell he is gonna receive many more proposals in coming days heheh.. may all d luck pour on you guys and enjoy ur special day..and also ur german trip you can ask preethi regarding it for any guidance if needed as she had been there..

    1. Haha.... I am sure he has already started getting dem.:p

    2. Haha.... I am sure he has already started getting dem.:p

  4. Wow superb lines.. straight from the heart..happy anniversary again..

  5. Wow superb lines straight from the heart.. happy anniversary again..

  6. Ammaaiizzzinnggg!!
    Could picturize everything u put down!! ��

    Inspirational in many ways!!
    God bless you both!! ��


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